The Lip Flip

You can imagine how excited we were to learn about Lip Flips, a trending lip-plumping treatment that’s really taken off, so we made a point to learn more about the treatment Allure Magazine says will give you a “fuller, sexier pout.” Why Mouths Say Yes to Lip Flip... read more

Dr Tavakoli vs Dr Miroshnik: Who Is Sydney’s Best Boob Doc?

As Australia’s leading resource for unbiased news and information on cosmetic treatments and procedures, we were eager to find out. The answer may surprise you. Should Instagram Be Your Breast Surgeon Finder? With the help of social media, a pair of Sydney-based... read more

Mother Nature is a Tricky Old Bitch

Today, consumers are in a frenzy searching for ‘all-natural’ labels on medicine, make-up, sunscreen, baby food, pet (the other baby) food, and a host of other products.

read more

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