What do you think of when you think of grey hair? At Costhetics, we think of vintage ads like these:









We think vintage, because washing away the grey is so last century. In 2015, women of all ages are trading in their gold, crimson, black, and brown tresses for the vibrant “it” colour of the moment: silver. The idea of grey hair being dull and lifeless is simply out-dated.

We hope this article will bring you up to speed.

Costhetics Sings the Praises of Silver Hair in Every Colour

Today’s silver hair is sleek, smooth, and comes in a variety of hues that make it abundantly clear that silver is a colour with pizazz. How do you like the sound of

  • Platinum
  • Icy
  • Arctic
  • Pewter
  • Pearl
  • Sterling
  • Tinsel

“Grey hair is a silvery Rolls Royce or smoky Bentley gleaming with class. It’s silver Elsa Perettijewelry shining in the cases at Tiffany & Co.,” – Lois Joy Johnson, Author, Great Hair after 50

Most of all, silver is sexy.

Costhetics Trend Spotting: Sexy Starlets Go Silver

Grey may have been the colour of grannies in rockers sitting by the hearth, but Zosia Mamet is rocking silver on the red carpet. The 26-year-old star of the HBO series Girls has traded in her raven mane for grey.

 Source: Allure.com

Being young and grey offers an unexpected juxtaposition, a way to be both fresh and jaded. When asked why she dyed her hair, Mamet said she was just bored. What better, completely traditional colour to signal the fatigue of youth than grey?

“This is a youth movement from east London’s cool set to models on the Paris catwalks.  Women are throwing the tonsorial rulebook out of the window and going with the gray.” – Hana Hanra, The Guardian

Costhetics Warns: Silver Can Be Tricky

Silver hair is a “fashion statement, whether natural or boxed,” says The Huffington Post.  “And it’s a badge of beauty rather than a dreaded part of ageing.” The actual grey hair that Helen Mirren, Glenn Close, and Jamie Lee Curtis have earned comes with age:

 Source: FoxNews.com

Source: Aarp.net 

Source: Aolcdn.com  

However, younger women can get the Kelly Osbourne’s playful platinum, the storm cloud silver favoured by Rhianna, or the silver bob of Pixie Geldof.

Source: SalmaGlamour

 Source: GetAwayGrey.com

Source: HairOnTheBrain.com

Costhetics Tip: In order to go silver, you will need to strip all the pigment out of your hair.  This is challenging with darker hair, and especially tough if there is a red or gold pigment to the hair shafts. The best way to get sexy silver locks is to have a professional colourist do the work.

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