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Measure this


Not this


Most marketing agencies have it all wrong. They focus on traffic, not revenue.

Traffic is great and so are rankings. But what’s the point if it doesn’t convert into more patients and actual dollars? The answer is: there isn't one! Increasing traffic without sales is wasted money. We care about how much we can grow your business.

We care about how much we can grow your business.



Measure what matters

We measure what matters in marketing – leads generated.

We also take a step further than other agencies – what happens next? Do the patients book in? Do they keep coming back? Metrics and tools to measure and answer those questions are complex, but we’ve been doing this for medical practices for years and we have you covered.

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When you have a hammer...

everything looks like a nail.

We have ALL the tools and skills, so we choose a strategy that is right for you. We don’t just stop at marketing. Because we have a deep understanding and speciality in medical practices, we look at where we can maximise your profits. Sometimes that’s giving your Front Desk staff some killer sales training so that patients book in for a consult after ringing up to ask a simple question.


We’ll leverage all the available tools we have to mix up a strategy that’s best for you, including:

Medical Website Design and Development
Google AdWords
Search Engine Optimisation
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
Branding, signage and graphic design
Advanced Lead Tracking and Management
Front Desk Training and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
Patient Experience Improvement
Remarketing (ads that follow you around the internet - like the ones all the really big companies use)

Some of our happy customers...

Dr Michael Miroshnik

“The people at Costhetics really understand internet marketing. They've built me multiple websites that not only look amazing, they really work for my business.”

Dr Ben Norris

"Costhetics revolutionised our marketing and got our new practice full of patients in no time. They understand medical marketing, are very innovative and just nice guys to boot! Highly recommended"

Dr Anh Nguyen

"I'm delighted to be listed on Costhetics, I get regular phone and email enquiries from having a profile on their site."


Examples of how we’ve helped our clients...


Increased profits by 60% in 6 months


398% increase in traffic within 2 months of new site launch


Increased patient enquiries from 59 to 188 per month


Increased the number of leads per month, while reducing the AdWords click budget by almost 50%!


We are a highly specialised boutique medical marketing agency

We don’t want hundreds of tiny accounts with the same generic approach to marketing. We work with a small number of practices, and deliver individually tailored strategies leading to impressive financial rewards.


are-we-rightAre we right for you?

We have limited space to work with a few clients that fit our philosophy.

We are probably not right for you if:

  • You’re not ready to move quickly to implement some of the most innovative medical marketing processes around.
  • You’re happy with a one-size-fits all agency that will just “do marketing” that provides average results.
  • You’re happy to work with an agency that doesn’t understand medical marketing. You’ll spend hours and hours each month teaching your marketing agency what the various treatments are that you offer and who your target market is.
  • You think marketing is a commodity and that all campaigns generate the same level of return on investment.
  • You hate change. Even if your front desk badly needs sales training, or it takes days or weeks to reply to a patient’s email enquiry, you still don’t want to change anything…We’re probably not a good fit.


Are you ready for the next level?

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