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Australians want to know about plastic surgery! And by “plastic surgery” we mean cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments too. The industry is booming in Australia with Australians spending over $1 billion annually. Not that long ago, plastic surgery was still a dirty word to many people. Now the taboo and stigma is all but gone, men and women simply want to know: “how can I look better?”, “how much will it cost?” and “who will do a good job”.

To support you on your cosmetic journey – Costhetics is here to help answer your questions!

Costhetics is one of Australia’s Leading Independent sources of information about all aspects of Cosmetic Enhancements such as plastic & cosmetic surgery, injectables, laser and much more.

Our mission to help Australians understand the benefits, risks and different types of cosmetic options available to them. For example, what are the pros and cons of different surgeries? How do you pick a surgeon? Is having surgery overseas worth the additional risks?

Our Audience – you!

Most people (over 80% are from Australia) are looking to answer questions they have about surgical and non-surgical cosmetic enhancements.

People want answers to questions such as:

Our top priority is making sure Australians considering cosmetic procedures are well informed, understand their options and most importantly – are aware of the risks involved.

Benefits of using costhetics.com.au
  • Used by over 1,000,000 Australians since 2011
  • Independent and unbiased information
  • View all cosmetic procedures available – not just the ones offered by a particular doctor or clinic
  • Industry experience – over 8 years of researching and publishing independent content
  • Provide the latest news and developments in the cosmetic enhancement, plastic surgery and non-surgical space
  • Find doctors and clinics across Australia and which procedures they offer
  • We understand how it feels -our staff have had both surgical and non-surgical procedures. So we know what it feels like to be researching procedures, doctors, risks and costs!
Consultation with experts

Costhetics works with some of Australia’s leading plastic surgeons and non-surgical doctors to ensure our information is accurate, up to date and most importantly – easy for every day people to understand!

For example if you need to know about rhinoplasty, we’ve interviewed Dr Marcells – former president of the Australasian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. Or perhaps you’re keen to know what on earth a “dual plane placement” of breast implants means? Don’t worry – we’ve spoken to Dr Michael Miroshnik, one of Australia’s foremost breast surgeons to answer that question for you.

A brief history

When Costhetics was founded in 2011, there was virtually zero independent information about plastic / cosmetic surgery online. The primary channel for this information at the time was print magazines.
The founders Louisa McKay and Adam Downer, decided it was high time to drag the industry into the 21st Century so they started costhetics.com.au to help inform Australians about their cosmetic options.

Louisa has over 12 years experience in the cosmetic industry and is deeply involved with the research, writing and running of the site. Adam is a technical wizard and marketing expert. Since 2011, over 1 million Australians have used Costhetics to learn about Cosmetic enhancements, find a procedure and also find a doctor.

Still Need More Info?

If you are researching a procedure and in the very rare event, it’s not listed on our site, please write to us and we will consider adding it to our comprehensive list.


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Find a doctor near me

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