Would it surprise you to find out one of Australia’s leading universities has been looking at penises? At Costhetics, we were absolutely gobsmacked.

Our team found out that Monash University conducted research into genital modification and penis enlargement. The study was the first of its kind to explore why men are choosing to take their penises into their own hands (appearance-wise) and opting for cosmetic surgery.

Here’s what we learned…

Why They Do It: Stiff Competition

Men who want to beef up their meat tend to fall into these categories:

  • Men who feel that their penis is smaller than it should be when flaccid (In Australia, the average length is 9.16cm)
  • Men who feel their penis is smaller than it should be when erect (In Australia, the average length is 13.12cm)
  • Men who are self-conscious in situations where they feel their penis compares unfavourably to others (this is known as ‘shower syndrome’ and ‘locker room syndrome’)
  • Men who feel a larger penis will enhance the pleasure of their sexual partner(s)

“The reasons are very similar to the ones that women give when they opt for breast enlargement,” observes Louisa McKay, Costhetics Zen Master of Communications. “Many of us, men and women alike, fall into the trap of judging ourselves against media images of perfect people who have perfect genitals thanks largely not to nature, but to Photoshop.”

Big Cocks Are Big Business

“(Penis enlargement) is now effective and affordable,” a London-based medical services spokesperson told Men’s Health Magazine in a recent article on the merits of penis surgery. “In terms of demand, it has surpassed breast enhancement…Penoplasty is changing male attitudes?to surgery, just as the ‘boob job’ made women more receptive to cosmetic procedures back then.”

Once considered the purview of back-alley charlatans, penis enlargement was an impossible dream that was fed by purveyors of creams, pills, and pumps. It was big business, driving enormous profits to endless email spam campaigns, late night TV ads, and bogus clinics. All that changed when penis enlargement came into the 21st Century. Today, there are surgical techniques that are reasonably safe and effectively. Here’s what happens…

The surgery begins with the surgeon strategically snipping the ‘suspensory ligament’ in the patient’s penis. This has the same effect as loosening the supporting line to a tent pole. The drooping “tent canvas” is re-attached to the pubic bone slightly lower than before. This results in only minimal improvement in the penis’ erection size, but does provide several welcome inches of additional length when flaccid. Then there’s the question of girth…

Liposuction is used to remove fat from the patient’s lower stomach. The fat is re-injected into the underside of the penis, which can add up to five centimetres of girth. There’s a caveat, however: it is necessary to massage your penis regularly for up to three months following surgery. This is not a hardship and can actually be a pleasure, but failure to keep to the routine can lead to a penis that is distorted, squat, and/or misshapen.

Don’t Let Your Eyes Deceive You

Two of the 25 participants in the Monash study were diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, body dysmorphia is a psychological condition characterised by an individual’s obsessive, life-disruptive preoccupation with a real or imagined defect in appearance. While body dysmorphia is commonly discussed in relation to women, the same is not true for men, despite the fact that PDD (penile dysmorphic disorder) is a recognised diagnosis.

Even more interesting than the two anomalies is the fact that the vast majority of men who participated in the Monash study had average-sized penises before they underwent penis enlargement surgery, rather than small or micro-sized genitals. “We’re not exactly sure how they got the impression that they were on the smaller side,” study co-author Jayson Oates says. “I think it probably goes to show that the genitalia shown in pornography are on the particularly large side, so everyone would feel inadequate compared to them.”

Visual Aids & More: 5 Secrets to a Longer-Looking Penis

Penis enlargement surgery isn’t for everyone. If it isn’t for you, we like to offer up a couple of small health and aesthetic tweaks that can deliver big benefits:

  • Lose Inches to Gain Inches – Dropping excess weight in your pubic area and stomach will make your penis appear larger. In other words, don’t keep it under (fat) wraps.
  • Get Out the Hedge Trimmer – Cutting back your pubic hair will also help make your flaccid penis look longer.
  • Have a Heart – Good blood flow is the key to a massive erection and you may be able to achieve more than you realise. To ensure that you’re reaching your “full” potential, make heart-healthy lifestyle choices and check with your doctor to insure that you don’t have cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, or any other erection-sapping condition.
  • Ask Your Doctor – Medication for erectile dysfunction doesn’t add centimetres, but it does improve blood flow. This provides a firmer, meatier erection.
  • Supplemental Insurance – Supplements with antioxidants can improve blood flow, as can l-arginine. Talk to your healthcare professional before starting a new supplement program.

From wrinkle-relaxing Scrotox to platelet-rich plasma injections, Brazilian butt lifts, and more, some say there’s never been a better time to be a man obsessed with his nether regions (What man isn’t?). As always, however, Costhetics is a judgment-free zone. We love you (and your penis) just the way you are.

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