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7 Medications that Sabotage Laser Treatment Results

Empty out the medicine cabinet, It’s laser time!

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Signs You Should Contact Your Surgeon During Recovery

“To call or not to call,” is the question patients ask themselves when they are recovering from cosmetic surgery.

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The Dirty Dozen: 12 Red Flags You Need to be Aware of When Choosing a Doctor

Costhetics wants you to be safe, not sorry when you opt for an aesthetic treatment.

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High-Risk Cosmetic Procedures & Why They Are Dangerous

Is Costhetics trying to scare you? On the contrary, we are trying to inform you.

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Facial Cosmetic Surgery Spike: Zoom Time or Down Time?

Want to know the reason behind the recent self-improvement juggernaut?

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Maybe They’re Born with It, Or Maybe…

Is there more to enduring attractiveness than DNA?

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