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Good Vibrations or Just Hype? My Emsculpt Experience

Does Emsculpt deliver on its promise? Let me tell you about my experience..

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Supplements for Anti-Ageing

The supplements aisle is the new hot spot for products that can work to improve beauty on the outside by addressing health issues on the outside.

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CBD, THC & the ABC’s of Cannabis for Beauty

Unless you’re Willie Nelson, you may not have a strong grasp of the nuances of cannabis culture. Let’s bring you up to speed, starting with information about CBD, THC, and their use in beauty products.

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Does PRP Really Work?

It seems as though everyone is talking about PRP, especially cosmetic patients. Costhetics has been listening. This is what we hear…

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A Wrinkle in Time: Why We Lose Collagen with Age

If you’re fanatical about skin care, you’ve undoubtedly heard that collagen is essential to skin beauty. That’s no lie.

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Why Are Razor-Sharp Jawlines Trending?

One of the key components to a great face today is a razor-sharp jawline.

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