Vitamin C: The Skincare Search that Almost Broke Pinterest

Take a guess. It wasn’t dermal filler, wrinkle injections, or anti-ageing cream. According to a story in The Telegraph, the hot topic was Vitamin C. One sign: “Research conducted by Pinterest shows that Vitamin C ‘saves on pinning’ were up 3379%, proving it to be the... read more

Should Apps Turn Plastic Surgery Into Kids Play?

We believe in a free exchange of thoughts, ideas, and opinions, and never run away from controversy. Signs of a new controversy were seen when more than 1,000 people signed a petition at recently asking the online giants such as Apple, Google, and Amazon to... read more

On-Trend Eating in 2018: What’s In Your Mouth?

This week Costhetics is feeling passionate about hot food trends in 2018. We’re picky, though. The trends we’re interested in aren’t just a flash in the pan, so to speak. They’re simple, but powerful diet choices that deliver good health along with good taste and... read more

Mother Nature is a Tricky Old Bitch

Today, consumers are in a frenzy searching for ‘all-natural’ labels on medicine, make-up, sunscreen, baby food, pet (the other baby) food, and a host of other products.

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101+ Health Benefits of Ginger

A member of Team Costhetics was having a little gastric distress the other day and reached for a bottle of Cascade Dry.

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Collagen Anyone?

Collagen is one of the buzziest ingredients on the lips of scientists, researchers, aesthetic professionals, and especially consumers…literally! Advocates of a “collagen diet” say adding this natural protein to food and beverages can slow down the ageing process, keep... read more

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