To Fill or Not To Fill?

What fillers can and can’t do for your face…

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Celebrities Rocking Their 50’s: What’s Their Secret?

What do drop-dead gorgeous divos and divas have that we don’t have?

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Vitamin Talk: Give Me A “C”!

If you think popping a couple of Vitamin C tabs when you have a cold is all the ascorbic acid your body needs, you’re on a fast track to medical problems…

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5 Ways to Prolong Anti-Wrinkle Injections

What isn’t widely known is that injectable patients can help prolong their anti-ageing benefits with a little bit of simple self-care.

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Cosmetic ‘Surgery’ Via Syringe: Costhetics Guide to Cosmetic Injectables

If you’ve had any needling suspicions about this popular approach to facial rejuvenation, please keep reading…

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Why You Never See a Plant with a Sunburn

The secret to plants’ ability to thrive in an ultraviolet-rich environment comes down to one thing…

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