7 Skincare Ingredient Trends for 2021

What are we applying to our faces this year?

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Thread Lift Vs Facelift – Which is Better for You?

We look at the differences between a thread lift and a facelift….

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A Message from Trevor Noah about Maskne

You may not know maskne by name, but if your face is red, irritated and covered in bumps, it knows you.

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How to Biohack Your Way to Great Skin

Biohacking is an evolving field with players that range from respected medical professionals to TikTok teenagers.

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Dairy, Acne & Margot Robbie

When Margot Robbie talks, Costhetics listens.

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Are Your Phone Habits Ruining Your Skin?

We know that it can be hard on the eyes, but there’s something else going on, too…and it isn’t good.

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