Your Beauty and Celebrities

Yet, every day, millions of people across the globe undergo a dizzying number of surgical procedures and cosmetic treatments. Their goal: to emulate the A-listers they adulate. Costhetics, Australia’s leading resource for cosmetic enhancement news and information,... read more

Big “B” Injections: Still Looking Good at 30 Years Old

Costhetics, Australia’s leading resource for timely news and information about aesthetic enhancement, hopes you’ll join us in wishing “Happy 30th” to Botox. It first stepped into the anti-ageing spotlight 20 years ago. Ten years earlier, however, this special... read more

Body vs Face: Which Do YOU Want to Change?

(Sounds daunting, but that’s what we do to make Costhetics Australia’s – and your – best resource for news and information about cosmetic enhancement.) We weren’t surprised to learn that Aussies spend $13.4 (AUD) billion annually on personal care. After all, Australia... read more

Thread Lifts vs Lip Fillers: Should You Pull or Plump?

Teens, in particular, encased their mouths in shot glasses and breathed in, causing their lips to plump. It also caused pain, scarring and bruising around the mouth. Ouch! All that, just to look like Kylie? As Australia’s leading resource for news and information... read more

PDO vs Anchoring Threads

Barbed (anchoring) threads, gathers the skin to produce a noticeable lift. PDO, which stands for polydioxanone, is a synthetic absorbable surgical suture composed of polydioxanone and offers less lift, but more collagen stimulation for contouring. PDO and anchoring... read more

BBL vs. IPL: Face-Off – Which is Better?

If you want to know WTF is the difference between various types of light-assisted skin treatments, you’ve come to the right place. In our ongoing role as Australia’s premier resource for news and information about cosmetic surgery and cosmetic enhancement, Costhetics... read more

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