What to Do When Your Breast Implants Rupture?

If it happens to you, we want to be sure you know exactly what to do….

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Even-Stevens – Why Your Breasts Are Different Sizes

Costhetics wants you to understand why one boob can be larger, smaller, or a different shape than its partner.

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Breast Implants and Cancer (BIA-ALCL)

Will Straya ban boobies in 2019? Say it isn’t so! Costhetics has vitally important news to share today with anyone considering breast implant surgery.

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How Much Does Gynaecomastia Cost in Australia?

We put our research team to work and here’s what we found…

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Dr Tavakoli vs Dr Miroshnik: Who Is Sydney’s Best Boob Doc?

We were eager to find out. The answer may surprise you!

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