If there’s anything we enjoy at Costhetics, it’s a controversy.

We love to sink our teeth into debates about innovative health and beauty procedures to learn everything we can and then share it with you. In today’s article, we’ve got our sights set on a cosmetic surgery procedure that threatens to put bra makers out of business.

Curious? So were we…

Brits Pioneer Internal Bra

In 2014, three British women were the first to be fitted with an internal bra. The device is inserted underneath the skin to combat sagging breasts. Once in place, it is invisible to the naked eye. The lift is permanent and can free a woman from bra shopping forever. Well, maybe not forever, but certainly for a long, long time.

How’d they do that? Doctors placed hardened silicone cups under each breast. The cups were lifted by way of silk straps screwed into the rib cage with titanium screws. These synthetic materials were designed to not degrade over time or stretch out.

The Jury Is Still Out

As with all aesthetic innovations, a lot of time and scientific study will be needed before the internal bra passes stringent tests for safety and efficacy. Professor Kefah Mokbel of the London Breast Institute told the Daily Mail:

“We don’t know the long-term side effects yet. There is a need for clinical trials with adequate numbers and follow-ups to prove the efficacy and safety in the long term. It is very important.”

Mokbel says further research is needed to determine whether affixing the silk straps will lead to any side effects. He notes that in traditional breast augmentation procedures, the implants are inserted behind the breast to minimise risk. Internal cups are placed under the skin, creating concerns regarding scarring and the long-term shape of the breasts.

Other plastic surgeons have expressed unease about the effect of placing so many foreign materials in the body and the inflammatory response they may trigger.   Another concern is the effect of the internal bra on mammography. Fox News spoke with NYC plastic surgeon Matthew Schulman who asked:

“Does this material mask the ability to detect early breast cancers by mammogram? Will those screws in the ribs feel like a nodule? We’re really concerned about synthetic materials in the breast causing confusion over cancer.”

Don’t Decide Until You Talk To…

Are you a good candidate for an internal bra? Would a breast lift or breast implants be a better way for you to redefine your contours? Costhetics believes that these questions are best posed to a highly trained and experienced surgeon. Fortunately, Australia is rich in them!

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