Medical Marketing for your Practice

The brutal truth: anyone who tells you that marketing to patients is simple and easy is either lying or inexperienced.


In many ways, marketing to patients has never been more complicated. There are so many options available to clinics – they either do nothing at all, massively under-invest or pick a couple of channels that don’t work together as a system.

You need three main things to make medical marketing work: strategy, experience and a thorough understanding of the patient journey.

Strategy is the opposite of tactics. You can have great a Facebook page or AdWords campaign but you’ll still fail to make it work without being able to put the whole system together. A great marketing system has a much greater value than the sum its parts. Too often people think marketing is like ordering from a menu. Sure, this can yield some results. But without an overall strategy it will underperform in terms of ROI and at worst is doomed to failure. Successful marketing needs to be integrated into your practice, your staff, customer service – everything! Unless this happens – huge failure and expense is the likely outcome.

Experience – this matters! Marketing experience is a given. But also experience in a given field is also needed and rarely do both come together in one package. Of course experienced and specialised marketers cost more, but the savings are huge since you would be paying inexperienced ones who don’t work in your industry to fail on your dime.

The Patient Journey – marketing to patients is a very specialised field. How patients think and react to marketing is one consideration – but in order to sell something effectively, you have to understand the product. All too often marketers have less knowledge than a moderately educated patient. This is not good enough to demonstrate that you represent excellence in your field and destroys confidence in your practice. If a patient has a poor experience with a chatbot, the halo effect means they will also assume that you’re not good at performing your services. Of course this isn’t true – but it’s a reality of psychology. Great aesthetic medical marketing starts with a deep understanding of the services that your patients are looking for. This is in addition to great understanding of marketing tools and channels.

So what do we offer?

Sure, we could just list a whole menu of our offerings such as SEO, Facebook & Instagram ads, Google Ads, Hubspot, Call Tracking, website design and development etc. But that would be against our whole ethos. It would be like a building company telling you about the flooring, the roofing, landscape gardening and plumbing. Of course all of that matters – but it’s not what’s most important. It’s about being able to pull it all together to deliver an excellent house that you want, that meets your budget and is delivered to you on time.

If this sounds like the kind of marketing company you’d like to work with, please drop us a message below.


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