Imagine what it would be like to try out a pair of bigger, better boobs before having breast augmentation surgery.

Khloe Kardashian did it with a larger bra and silicone “pancakes.” There are also websites that allow you to visualise yourself with augmented breasts in a matter of seconds by uploading a photo of yourself.

As Australia’s leading source for cosmetic enhancement news, we wanted to shine our spotlight on a different approach to test-driving a bigger bosom. Here’s what we learned about “InstaBreast.”

How Do They Do That?

The technique is surprisingly simple. Following a numbing injection, the surgeon makes a series of injections using sterile saline water. The injections are made into the breast tissue at the edge of the nipple. The saline expands the breast to a patient’s desired fullness. Is saline solution safe? Yes. Saline, basically salt and water, is the same substance you are given when your body is dehydrated.

Patients who have had the procedure tell Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, “It was amazing to see what my breasts would be like.” Surgeons who are enthusiastic about this new procedure for their patients emphasise that these injections provide insight into how a breast augmentation would look. It is not as useful for women that need both a breast augmentation and a breast lift.

Limitations & Risks for “Boob Job for a Day”

A temporary breast augmentation is an excellent way to try before you buy. It is not without its risks, however. As with any procedure, of course, there is the possibility of an infection developing. Furthermore, while they are minimally invasive, the injections can cause bruising. This is particularly common when the injector is inexperienced or badly trained.

More importantly, experienced surgeons say that both the look and feel of breasts that have been saline-augmented is significantly different from breasts with implants. This is because injecting fluid into the breast does not have a definite form, whereas an implant has a specific and set shape.

Doctors are also quick to point out that this procedure should not be used as an ongoing way to have beautiful breasts. Breasts that inflate and deflate are likely to stretch out, whether due to breast enhancement injections or weight loss.

Last, but by no means least is this: in 2012, a compound used specifically for 24-hour boob jobs was banned in the U.K. There was concern that the injections created lumps that made it difficult to read mammograms. Costhetics reminds you that it is vital to know your injector and have confidence in the product s/he is using.

Costhetics Looks Around the Corner at Breasts

Team Costhetics is excited that in just 20 minutes you can go from flat chested to busty and then just 24 hours later, be your old self again. We’re even more excited to tell you about the next generation of injectable breast augmentation. Doctors are working on a procedure that will allow patients to try out their bigger breast size for up to a week, rather than a day. It’s referred to as a “holiday breast augmentation.”

Watch this space for more news about that.

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