Several members of Team Costhetics observed that their bras were getting a little long in the cup.

Yet despite the droopy straps, over-stretched bands, deflated cups, and other signs of ageing, almost all the women admitted they were reluctant to go on a bra shopping expedition. Reluctant to go shopping??? That’s not a sentiment you hear very often in our office.

If you’re wondering what is keeping the girls at Costhetics from wrangling their “girls” into appropriate lingerie, we’ve got the answer. The hurdle they have trouble getting over is uncertainty about their bra size. Even Kate Upton says, “I can never find the right bras.” That leads to a lot of unworn underwear. “There are programs for the scrapping of appliances, but no one thinks about what’s involved in the waste management of brassieres,” said the 20th Century Italian novelist Sandro Veronesi.

Most of the women in our office said they hadn’t measured their breasts in years and tended to just go with the same style and size they’d worn before. That news led to the creation of this article. The staff took a deep dive into the contemporary bra market to help you

  • Measure your bust
  • Discover your correct bra size
  • Avoid bras that ride up, underwire that pokes through, cup spillage, and more
  • Create a wardrobe of bras to suit your wardrobe

Measure Your Breast in 5 Easy Steps (3 Really)

“85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size,” Kate Middleton’s royal bra fitter told Independent.ie. You may be surprised to learn that you can find your perfect fit in a matter of moments with these simple steps to determine your bra size and cup size:

  • Take off your bra – It doesn’t get easier than that!
  • Measure under your breasts – With a measuring tape, measure the area directly underneath your breasts. Make certain that the tape is level going around your body and snug against the skin.
  • Put your bra back on
  • Measure the fullest part of your bust – Wrap the measuring tape around your body at the fullest part of your breasts, generally at nipple level.
  • Subtract the size of the band from the size of your bust – Armed with your measurements, you can check a sizing chart to find out your bra size and cup size.

Having trouble with the maths of it all? There are online calculators that do the work for you. You can also visit a lingerie store. Many high-end purveyors of undergarments have a professional bra fitter on site to help customers like you determine your perfect size and style.

4 Key Points of Consideration in Bra Fitting

Before saying yes to a bra, you’ll need to try it on, of course. Your body is unique and no two bras fit two women the same way. Remember, too, that fit is a combination of band size and cup size. You may need to experiment a little to find the right combination for you, as well as a bra manufacturer whose products seem made for you.

When you’re trying on bras, play Victoria’s Secret and do a runway walk to and from the mirror and check the fit of:

  • Bra Bridge – The bra bridge is the area of the bra that sits between your breasts. A bra that is properly fitted will have a bridge that lies flat against your rib cage. If the bridge rides too high on your breast, it could be a sign that the bra cup is too small.
  • Cups – Your breasts shouldn’t spill out over the top or sides of a bra. If they do, the bra is too small. Instead, look for a bra that holds your breasts firmly, but comfortably in place with the entire breast resting in the cup. It will keep your voluptuous cleavage where it belongs.
  • Straps – The fit of the under-bust band can be reconsidered after the straps have been adjusted for length. If the straps dig into your shoulders, it may indicate that the band of the bra is too big and doesn’t provide enough support to your breasts. Go down a band size (and up a cup size for each band size) until the band is firm and supportive and the straps feel comfy.
  • Under-bust Band – This supportive element should be snug, but not painful. The band should be parallel to the cups and encircle your body at the same level all around your torso. A key sign that a bra is too big: the band in the back rides up.

Bra Pairings: Like Wine Pairings, but with Breasts

A drawer full of bras isn’t a matter of vanity, it’s a matter of necessity. A modern woman’s wardrobe calls for different bras in different situations:

  • Demi Bra – Offers a straight-across cut that accentuates cleavage while the wide-set shoulder straps bring attention to the neckline. Excellent with virtually any clothing pick.
  • Push-up Bra – Gives you extra lift with cleavage-deepening padding to make the most of your assets in a low-cut garment.
  • Racerback Bra – Originally intended for sport, these bras offer superior support and comfortable straps that are also slip-resistant. Racerback bras are the way to go with summertime racer-back dresses and tank tops.
  • Strapless BraThe essential underpinning for bare-shoulder garments. The moulded cups have a snug fit and look extremely natural. For more versatility from this bra, look for a convertible model with straps that can be left on or taken off.
  • T-shirt bra – Provides sleek, smooth coverage with a moulded cup. Extra lining prevents your nipples from showing under thin fabrics
  • Unlined Bra – Seamless, like the t-shirt bra, this is an excellent option under body-conscious leotard tops and other sleek looks. The lack of lining accentuates the normal shape of your breasts and allows your nipples to be seen.
  • Wireless Bras – Instead of heavy metal, these bras use elastic detailing and stretch fabric to offer comfortable support. If you want extra coverage, look for styles with foam cups.

How do you know when you’ve found the right bra for you? Oh, you’ll know! The right bra makes you feel fantastic and you love wearing it. It’s comfortable. It doesn’t pinch or pull. It provides the right amount of support for your breasts without making you feel constricted. What makes a good bra truly unforgettable is the fact that you won’t even remember you have it on.

That’s the best of the breasts from Costhetics!

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