Fat Loss and Cellulite Reduction: The Lowdown On What Really Works

Costhetics wants to chew the fat with you and talk about what really works to re-shape your face and body.

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How Much Does a Mona Lisa Touch Treatment Cost in Australia?

We recently sent our team out to learn more about this innovative, non-surgical treatment, including the price you’ll pay.

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Penis Enlargement

Would it surprise you to find out one of Australia’s leading universities has been looking at penises? At Costhetics, we were absolutely gobsmacked.

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Forget the G-Spot, Meet the V-Spot

Known in some ho-hum circles simply as “back dimples,” are two symmetrically balanced indentations in the lower part of a person’s back.

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Bum Watching!

We wanted to get a closer look at Kim Kardashian’s bum, and the factors that may have influenced her decision to take it down a notch.

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Why Older Women Love Little Pricks

We went to work researching this hot topic to get to the bottom of the pros and the cons.

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