The best news and information about health and beauty in Australia has to be the lifting of COVID restrictions.

Like you, all of us at Team Costhetics are excited to be out and about again, enjoying the warm weather and making plans for the Christmas holidays. One thing we are less excited about at the moment: cellulite.

Covered up at home during the winter, many of us failed to notice the lumpy, bumpy dimpled skin on our hips, thighs, and bums. Now, as we slip back into swimwear, this unsightly build-up of fat beneath the skin is hard to ignore. Want to know our favourite treatment options? Keep reading! Cellulite doesn’t have to be forever.

Why Cellulite Loves the Ladies

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports 80-90% of women may experience cellulite at some point in their lives while only 10% of men are likely to be impacted. How come? Genetics and lifestyle play a part, but so do:

  • Collagen structure – Collagen is the main protein in connective tissue. Women’s collagen is structured like a picket fence, whereas men have a more cross-linked fence structure. This latter structure is stronger and better able to hold fat in place.
  • Alpha/Beta adrenergic receptors – Alpha receptors trigger the production of fat cells while beta receptors break down fat. Women have nine alpha receptors for every one beta, while men enjoy a weight-friendlier one-to-one ratio.
  • Estrogen – The hormone estrogen is involved in the production of fat. Testosterone breaks it down.
  • Clothing – Women are more likely to wear circulation-cutting underclothes, including pantyhose. The article Is Cellulite Forever published by Scientific American notes, “the pantyhose forces the lymphatic drainage back into the body. It’s like turning the hose on and clamping it so everything gets backed up.”

Let’s not forget the age factor. Skin naturally becomes thinner and less elastic as we age. This makes it easier for excess fat beneath the skin to push its way to the surface.

3 Treatments for Cellulite

Cellulite may not harm your metabolic health, although it can play havoc with your self-esteem. This has been particularly true for women whose cellulite-plagued skin is more likely to be on display in revealing, body-conscious clothing in winter months. Now that summer is here, however, men and women alike are taking steps to get rid of cellulite. Costhetics recommends:

  • Injectable treatments – Simple and non-invasive, these treatments use enzymes to break down cellulite and stimulate the production of fibrous bands. This relieves the unsightly puckered appearance of skin while preventing fat build-up and redistributing the fat cells that are already there. No downtime is necessary. Results are immediate and last a year or more, depending on the patient and severity of the cellulite.
  • Laser treatments – A tiny laser probe is used to heat the treatment area. The heat stimulates collagen production, improves elasticity, reduces the thickness of the fat layer, and even releases fibrous setae. Unlike injectable treatments, laser treatments require a downtime of approximately two days. Results often last up to a year.
  • Energy treatments – Radio pulse, pulsed electromagnetic field, radiofrequency, and infrared light can be used to fight cellulite and stimulate collagen. The treatments are non-invasive and offer immediate, but temporary results. Most patients return for touch-ups every few months.

Costhetics Helps You Say Good-Bye to Cellulite By Christmas

Treating cellulite is easy, but finding an experienced, qualified practitioner can be hard. Costhetics wants to help you connect with a doctor in your area who can answer your questions, solve your problems, and put a little extra happy in your 2021 ho

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