Signs You Should Contact Your Surgeon During Recovery

“To call or not to call,” is the question patients ask themselves when they are recovering from cosmetic surgery.

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Does Medicare Cover Plastic Surgery in Australia?

The newest iteration of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) has left many patients somewhat dazed and confused…

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Breast Implants and Cancer (BIA-ALCL)

Will Straya ban boobies in 2019? Say it isn’t so! Costhetics has vitally important news to share today with anyone considering breast implant surgery.

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How Much Does Gynaecomastia Cost in Australia?

We put our research team to work and here’s what we found…

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Is Cosmetic Surgery Riskier than Other Elective Surgeries?

In this article, we examine top elective surgical procedures to see how cosmetic surgery compares in terms of safety and benefits.

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Want a Faster Recovery After a Nose Job?

The need for speed is increasing in the world of aesthetic enhancement. Many patients are eager for lunchtime procedures that improve their looks in a minimal amount of time.

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