7 Medications that Sabotage Laser Treatment Results

Empty out the medicine cabinet, It’s laser time!

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How to Pop Your Cosmetic Treatment Cherry

Your friends are all doing it and you want to do it, too! This is a story for all you virgins out there…aesthetic enhancement virgins, that is.

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BBL vs. IPL: Face-Off – Which is Better?

If you want to know WTF is the difference between various types of light-assisted skin treatments, you’ve come to the right place.

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LED Therapy for Beautiful Skin

LED treatments are especially useful for rejuvenating areas that are difficult to treat with cosmetic injectables…

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Doctors Love 3-Ways! 3 Facts about Laser Skin Treatments you Must Know

Doctors, as well as nurse injectors and dermal clinicians, are combining a trio of treatments to achieve singularly beautiful results.

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Cosmetic Lasers

In this article, we’re reviewing all the amazing things that lasers can do, from correcting common skin issues to treating rosacea and making ageing skin look fresh and youthful again.

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