We had a freewheeling conversation around the online Costhetics board table recently about a worry everyone seems to share.

How are we going to look in person after being on Zoom for more than two years? Will your real face live up to your Photoshopped image? What should you do to look good, but not too good … not done? Costhetics is always on the lookout for trending news and information about cosmetic topics like this one, and you’re going to love what we discovered about optimisation.

What is Optimisation in Aesthetics?

The Oxford English Diction defines optimisation as: to make something as good as it can be; to use something in the best possible way. What does that have to do with aesthetics? Everything. The trend in facial rejuvenation is to make small, barely noticeable improvements to the face. These are often called tweakments as they merely tweak an existing problem to keep it under control.

The secret is finding an experienced injector who can help you subtly enhance your beauty.

The goal of tweakments and optimisation is to make you look more youthful and well-rested, rather than dramatically rejuvenated. One tweakment getting a lot of attention right now has to do with everyone’s favourite wrinkle fighter, neuromodulator injections. It’s not the treatment itself that is new, it’s the recommended dosage that’s changed. The secret is finding an experienced injector who can help you subtly enhance your beauty … with sprinkles.

Sprinkles: A New Approach to Maintaining Facial Beauty

Say sprinkles to most folks, and they will think of the rainbow-coloured sugar bits on top of an ice cream cone or perhaps a birthday cake. Say sprinkles to a knowledgeable aesthetician such as Dr Adam Osborne in Byron Bay though, and he thinks of cosmetic injectables. In his practice, sprinkles are micro doses of muscle action-suppressing neuromodulators.

“[The job] is to watch how you animate and how your face is aging, and redirect [the muscle action],” a surgeon experienced with sprinkles told Allure magazine. The micro-injections made a noticeable difference but one that also looks completely natural. Some patients say it simply makes them look well-rested.

Meghan Markle Loves Sprinkles

What sprinkles don’t do is freeze muscles entirely, robbing patients of the ability to enjoy a full range of facial expressions. The frozen foreheads and over-inflated duck lips that defined the looks of famous faces like the Kardashians are no longer in fashion. The trend towards natural ingredients in health and beauty products is expanding to include natural-looking results from treatments. Meghan Markle is a poster child for sprinkles, which she candidly admits to using as a preventative beauty tool. Her face remains youthful and unlined, without looking pulled or unnatural.

A Good Place to Start

Many people would like to try neuromodulator injections, but are afraid they won’t like the results. Sprinkles are a great way to dip your toe into muscle relaxants. The results are shorter lived than with full dose injections, lasting about two months. If you are happy with the results, you can schedule further treatments or opt to try full-dose injections. The first step is a consultation with a qualified, experienced doctor. Costhetics can help you find a doctor in your area who can answer your questions, calm your fears, and explore ways that you can achieve your rejuvenation goals.

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