Costhetics has written before (and will again) about the importance of nutrition, especially after a cosmetic surgery procedure.

There is simply no more important news and information about health and beauty that we can share than this. To help you breeze through your recovery with flying colours, our team has put together a list of things you can do at home to improve and even speed up healing.

No Yolk: Eggs Reduce Cosmetic Surgery Discomfort

When you have had cosmetic surgery, your body needs extra help to heal itself. In fact, experts believe your body will need five times as many nutrients than usual after surgery to help prevent infection and promote quick healing. Protein is a major part of that process, contributing to new blood cell and collagen production.

Eggs are protein-packed powerhouses you can enjoy any time of the day. In addition to aiding in your recovery, eggs contain amino acids, which work to minimise oedema and ease discomfort. If eggs aren’t your thing, you can get those useful amino acids in these tasty options:

  • Fish (salmon, mackerel)
  • Flax and flaxseed oil
  • Hemp and hemp seed oil
  • Walnuts and walnut oil

Repair Your Body with Fruits and Veggies

After you have had cosmetic surgery, colourful produce provides your body with nutrients and vitamins that are essential to repair tissue and fight infection. We encourage you to load up your plate with spinach, one of nature’s great anti-inflammatory foods. It is rich in vitamins C and E, with a good dose of beta-carotene to boot.

Don’t like spinach? You can also reduce swelling with foods including:

  • Pineapples
  • Broccoli
  • Apples
  • Red onions
  • Capers

Fatty Fishies Fight Inflammation

Aussies are lucky to have access to some of the best fish in the world. In addition to delicious meals, our fish give us a range of important nutrients and essential fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in both marine and plant sources, but the Better Health Channel reports, “…it is the fatty acids in fish that appear to be the most beneficial to our health.” (The exception to this rule is any fish high in mercury. Eat shark, orange roughy, catfish, and swordfish sparingly.)

Why throw a shrimp on the barbie, when you can help your body heal from cosmetic surgery with:

  • Canned sardines
  • Canned tuna
  • Rainbow trout
  • Salmon
  • Smoked cod

Cosmetic Surgery Healing Saboteurs to Avoid

You want to give your body all the help it needs to recover from cosmetic surgery. That means avoiding foods that stress your system. Two items you will want to avoid are:

  • Sodium – The table salt you add to your food can cause you to retain fluid. Water retention can prolong swelling at the incision site.
  • Refined sugar – Refined sugar, as well as foods high in carbs, actually promote inflammation and also suppress immune function, interfering with healing.

Cosmetic Surgery Food Facts of Life

Food is a fact of life. We can’t live without it, and so we must learn to make good choices that keep our health and appearance in tip-top shape. A post-op dietary game plan will boost your body’s healing abilities and help you recover in comfort. If you need help figuring out the right eating program for you, why not contact Costhetics and let us help you find a practitioner in your area who can guide you to success.

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