Congratulations from all of us at Costhetics! You did it right.

When you decided to refine the contours of your lips with lip fillers, you did your research on practitioners and products, and consulted with your expert on the best ways to achieve your facial rejuvenation goals. And now, here you are … post-treatment and just a few weeks away from seeing the final effects of your filler.

You’ve spent time and effort to get to this point. Well done. But did you know that with just a wee bit more effort (and no additional out-of-pocket expense), you can help your lips stay pleasingly plump and stunningly shaped? Costhetics has your back (and your lips) with our lip filler after-care checklist.

No Matter What Filler You Choose

A quick search of the latest news and information about aesthetic enhancement is a wonderful reminder of how far the aesthetic industry has advanced throughout the years. Take lip fillers, the subject of this article. Patients are no longer limited to a single choice in fillers. Now, trained injectors can choose among a range of dermal fillers to best address their patients’ physiology, goals, and even budget.

The recommendations in this article will help you get the most from your lip filler injections regardless of which product your injector has used:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Calcium hydroxylapatite
  • Fat grafting
  • Permanent soft tissue filler
  • Poly-L-lactic acid

Here’s to You! … About a Week from Now

It’s fine to drink a toast to your new, shapely lips, but you will want to abstain from alcohol for 4 days prior to lip filler injections and 24 hours afterwards. Alcohol, even in small amounts, triggers a process known as vasodilation. When it occurs, veins and arteries expand and blood flow increases. The increase in blood flow can be enough to rupture vessels at the injection site, leading to an uptick in swelling and bruising.

Don’t Ignore Bruises, Say Aloe to Them

Dermal fillers used to rejuvenate lips are injected cosmetic medicine. Though the needles are tiny, they may lead to bruising. Aloe vera contains natural gel and latex. These have been shown to improve blood circulation and combat against bacteria and fungi. Similar healing properties are attributed to vitamin K and arnica creams. The more quickly wounds heal, the more likely it is that the affected area will come back strong and healthy.

Don’t be hasty in your pursuit of aloe vera’s benefits, however. “Although aloe can be a great way to improve your health, don’t run to the nearest pharmacy and grab the first bottle labelled aloe vera or take a swig of the aloe vera you keep in your medicine cabinet for sunburns,” cautions Penn Medicine in their article Aloe Vera: Not Just for Sunburns. “There are many different forms of aloe, including topical gels, digestible gels and juices. It’s important to know which one to take for your specific health concerns.”

For Hot Lips after Filler Injections: Ice Ice Baby

Icing is a tried-and-true method to reduce swelling, from mosquito bites to lip filler injections. In fact, it is the #1 aftercare tip. Cooling the blood vessels in your lips constricts them and reduces blood flow. With less blood flowing, less blood can leak into surrounding tissues, causing swelling and bruising.

Contrary to a widely held, but false belief, the application of an ice pack (or bag of frozen peas) does not cause fillers to freeze. Ice won’t make fillers migrate to get away from the cold either. (That’s a relief!) For optimal healing and long-term results:

  • Wrap your ice pack in a towel so as not to freeze your lips or the surrounding skin
  • Apply ice off and on for 24 hours after receiving dermal fillers in your lips
  • Limit application time to 5-10 minutes

This is a two-fer of a suggestion, giving you two benefits for the price of one activity. As well as reducing lip swelling, cold compresses help make your overall recovery more comfortable.

Stay Cool, Not Hot Under the Collar

The idea of kicking back in the steam room or sauna or visiting a sweat lodge to detox may sound appealing, but it is not recommended when you have just had lip filler injections. As you now understand, cool temperatures are good for healing. The converse is true. Avoiding activity that elevates your body temperature should be avoided for 24 hours.

This admonition includes the aforementioned activities, along with strenuous exercise and (How shall we put this delicately?) that other activity that gets you hot. (Blush)

Sleep High

No, Costhetics isn’t encouraging you to do drugs … unless your doctor has recommended them that is. We’re talking about the height of your head in relation to the rest of your body. Elevating your head with an extra pillow improves blood flow and works to relieve swelling. You should avoid sleeping on your stomach and can put a pillow on either side of your body to help prevent you from doing so.

Leave Salt to the Ocean

Sorry, but for the first 48 hours after injections, you should avoid salties and sweeties alike. Sugary and salty foods tend to make us lick our lips, a behaviour you want to avoid after your treatment. A no-salt approach is especially wise if your injector has chosen hyaluronic acid. HA binds to water, in general, and will hold the extra water attracted by salt. This leads to increased swelling during the first 24-48 hours.

Water: Drink It Early and Often

After all this talk about excess water leading to swelling in the body, this recommendation may surprise you. Hydration is the key to a good recovery and long-lasting benefits following dermal filler injections. In a nutshell, the more hydration your lips are getting, the less irritation they are likely to suffer. It’s as easy as that. Dry lips, no matter how beautifully filled, are prone to lines, cracks, and even bleeding.

Your lips will look as deflated as you if you let stress rob them of natural hydration. Stress pulls water from the lips like a sponge, leaching moisture and causing them to deflate. To keep your water levels at the high-water mark, you can:

  • Drink at least 100ml of water every hour. (Set an alarm, if needed)
  • Never go anywhere without your water bottle
  • Drink water whenever you eat something
  • Add flavours to water to increase enjoyment
  • Pair drinking with a second activity (when your phone rings, take a sip of water)

Don’t Stress: Let Costhetics Help with Your Aftercare

Costhetics isn’t a bottled water company. We aren’t a cosmetic surgery practice or medispa … but we do know some of the most trusted ones in Australia. We invite you to contact us right now to learn more about how we can help you look your best longer.

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