The quest for a beautiful smile can take you in many directions, from traditional braces to new treatments that work with removable (and invisible) tooth aligners. These techniques work by applying force to misaligned teeth to reposition them (gradually) by reshaping surrounding bone.

The time it takes for patients to achieve results varies from patient to patient. Most patients, however, will wear braces for a year or longer. Without a doubt, the results are worth waiting for but…

…what if you didn’t have to wait as long?

We’re excited to report that thanks to a new orthodontic device using simple vibrations to encourage teeth being treated to get a move on, you don’t have to wait as long.

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  • Jordan Barron says:

    Hi there,

    I currently live in New Zealand and recently got the invisalign braces and looking to buy the acceledent I was wondering if you could provide with some more information regarding this product.

    Kind regards,

    Jordan Barron

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