Areola Reduction

Areolas and nipples, just like breasts, come in different shapes and sizes, so there is really no right or wrong size for the areola. But women often have strong feelings about the way their breasts look, and areola reduction is a fairly common procedure.

Areola reduction surgery reduces the size of the dark pigmented skin around the nipple. It can also remove puffiness of the areola and make the nipple stand out less.

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  • Derian R says:

    I have a question, how do surgeons feel about doing this procedure if you’re nipples have been pierced and fully healed? I wouldn’t imagine it would have much bearing on it as long as the jewelry stays out for the procedure but I would love to hear your thoughts and have you get back to me about it asap!

  • Maz says:

    Hi there,

    I’m just in the process of doing all of my research about the procedures that I would like done. My question is more just a cost type question. If I were to have breast implants and an areola reduction at the same time what would the rough cost be? Just because I was wonder would it just be the flat fee for the surgeon’s and assistant surgeon’s fees, fees for the anaesthetist and the hospital cost?

  • Palani says:

    My Nipple aerola appear puffy.i have undergone 2 sugeries for this but still results are not satisfactory for me.All they have done is taking fat by liposuction followed by incision still it like looks there is some gland underneath the aerola which makes the aerola to appear puffy when its relaxed or when i am cold the aerola shrinks.

    i even have scars around aerola region.i am ready to undergo aerola correction surgery and i am ready to pay any cost but if someone can assure that i can get flat aerola.

    i was in a assumption that coestimic surgery makes ugly to good but in my case everything gets worse only.

    please let me know if my probem can be corrected. i will send my pics for your investigation if needed

  • Sally K. says:

    Nice article. I had no idea that this procedure even existed. It’s nice to know we have options.

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