Jaw Surgery

Jaw surgery is performed for medical, reconstructive and aesthetic reasons. This article looks at the aesthetic aspects of jaw surgery, discussing the different procedures that can improve the smile and help correct facial imbalance, as well as fixing a receding chin and protruding jaw.

When jaw surgery is combined with orthodontics, it’s referred to as orthognathic surgery. In Latin this literally means to ‘straighten the jaw’. Although most often performed to facilitate better breathing, chewing and speaking by correcting misalignment in jaws and teeth, jaw surgery does not end with functional improvement. By changing the shape and proportion of the face, jaw surgery can dramatically improve a person’s appearance.

Jaw surgery can be divided into three groups:

  • Upper jaw surgery or maxillary osteotomy
  • Lower jaw surgery or mandibular osteotomy
  • Chin surgery or genioplasty

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  • Kerry says:

    Any years ago my mother had her jaws wired for weight loss. Is this still possible today?

  • vimal says:

    what is the minimum and maximum cost of Orthognathic Surgery?

    i know that my question is too vague.

    but please tell me.

  • Sally says:

    I have avert weak and undefined jaw line. I am looking for suitable surgeons to have jaw contouring done. I would like to know a rough estimated cost for weak jaw contouring and recommended surgeons to enquire with in South Australia. Thankyou

  • Madeline says:

    Can any of these proceedures be used to slightly reduce cheekbones and create a more appealing face shape?

    • Madeline

      A range of surgical and non surgical options may be suitable for you to help achieve greater contour to your cheeks and improve your facial shape.

      Your options can be discussed at consultation following a formal review to determine your suitability for various procedures. If you would like further information about the procedures and our consultation process please email us – we would be happy to chat with you.

      Dr Drielsma’s rooms

    • Costhetics says:

      Hi Madeline,
      For cheek reduction, check out this article – http://www.costhetics.com.au/procedures/cheek-reduction/. Do let us know if you have any other questions!
      - Costhetics

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