Tattoo Removal

Estimates from the US show that around one in ten people have at least one tattoo and that half those people want to remove or change them. With many teens impulsively getting tattoos they later regret, tattoo removal is an increasing issue in Australia.

Laser treatments are the most popular method of tattoo removal, both for their effectiveness and ability to target specific ink colours separately. Dermabrasion and surgical removal are also options, but can be messy, painful and less effective. There are many other alternatives—including creams—that may be unsafe and are far less effective.

The most effective removal method depends upon the size of the tattoo, location, depth to which the ink has been placed, the type of ink and the number of pigments used. It is usually easier to remove tattoos that were created by a professional tattoo artist, because their work usually has a better consistency than the work done by amateur artists.

Smaller tattoos can be easily removed surgically, but that option is not available if the tattoo covers a large area. Some tattoo inks respond well to laser treatments whereas other types and pigments are trickier. However, most dermatologists caution that complete tattoo removal is not possible.

Converting original tattoos into a different image or disguising the tattoo altogether with cover-up makeup are other ways to deal with unwanted tattoos.

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  • Vanessa says:

    Looking for tattoo excision on tattoo behind neck and small one on forearm. Laser is taking toooo long.

  • Jessica says:

    Hi, like Ben I am in the process of joining the ADF-Army but can not move any further with the process as I have 2 small tattoos one in the right side of my neck about 4cm long and 2cm high black script and another behind my left ear about 2.5 cm by 2.5cm again black lining. From the research I have dont I am much more interested in having it surgically removed as laser removal seems to take too long. Can anyone refer me to a clinic in Perth that I can go to for this? Jess

  • Graeme says:

    In Reference to your Costing just so that people out there understand when they are wanting to get Laser Removal work done, I have 6 Tattoos in Total 4 of which are all Black ink work and 2 have Colours in them, and they are not large Tattoos either. For Legal Reasons I will not Divulge the name of the Business that I went to have Laser work carried out but so far I have had 4 sessions done, Now I read what you have stated as the going Rate and took into consideration what was stated about the Effects on Different Colours involved when getting Removal work done, as Stated $ 200 is the going Rate, Well let me tell you I had to pay between $ 400- $ 500 Dollars each Session and as you stated that maybe the use of different lasers have to be used for different Colouring of the Tattoos well each time I went for my Treatment the One Laser was only used they had only one machine in the Room and when I asked why it Cost so much I was told that it was expensive to Run the Laser as well as the way the Tattoos were Created. So with this in mind I have had 4 Sessions done so far and still the Tattoos haven’t Faded as much as I thought they would and my Tattoos are only 2 years old so therefor I have already spent in excess of $ 1600 and you know what I was told by the Cosmetician doing the work Oh you might have to have anywhere up to 8 Treatments done before you start seeing Results. I mean I’m no expert on Laser or Cosmetics but I do have intelligence to know when I am being taken for a Ride. I have seen other people with larger Tattoos Removed in only a Couple of Sessions. So I started to wonder about this so called Fantastic Laser Treatment and my advice is this to anyone be very Careful of being taken for a Ride because if it is so costly to Run these Machines why should people even worry about having the Tattoos Removed when in my Case like I was told it may take up too 8 Sessions for Results to happen So just add that up in money 8 sessions at $ 400 a go is $ 3200 before the Results start showing and the Total Cost to get of all my Tattoos put on was nearly $ 1500.
    What I would like to know are all the Costs on Laser Tattoo Removal under a National Legislation or are there some Businesses out there just exploiting this work and setting there own Prices. I think this needs to be Reviewed by the Cosmetic Association or what ever it’s called so that people can afford to have This Treatment done at a Reasonable Cost.

    Be Aware!

  • tearoha says:

    hi, i have 12 small-ish letters tattooed on my finger. Can you give a rough estimate on how much it would cost to get removed. Also, due to the wrong ink being used, the tattoo has like leaked out into my skin so my finger kinder looks bruised?

  • Zed says:

    I have seen ads for companies offering “With our tattoo removal we make use of the natural rejection response of the skin and its healing process to remove the tattoo ink completely from the body. Using a micro pigmentation device we remove small sections of the epidermis in the form of small circles with a maximum depth of 1mm. Allowing skin bridges between the circles reduces the risk of scarring compared to treating larger areas.”

    What do you think of this method vs laser removal?

  • Ben says:

    Hi, Ive been accepted for a position in the defence force yet can not enlist until the two small tattoos on my hand have been removed.
    I have currently had 3 laser removal appointments but am not happy with the speed of the process.
    As I am in a hurry to join the defence force I am trying to find somewhere that offers surgical tattoo removal. Does Costhetics offer this procedure? and if not, are you able to recommend somewhere that does?
    Thanks, Ben.

  • Jess says:

    I ordered some tattoo removal cream and it still has not come yet can you please send it out the address is: jess newton ***** kurrajong nsw 2758.

    • Costhetics says:

      Hi Jess,

      We don’t actually sell Tattoo removal cream (or any products for that matter). Nor to we know of any such creams, I think you must have ordered it from another website?

      The only ways we know to work for tattoo removal are: dermabrasion, surgery or laser treatments.

      Hope this helps.

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