Treatments for Nail Fungus

Laser treatment for foot fungus is one of many interesting new options to tame athlete’s foot, clear up toenail fungus and remove warts. It is even effective at reducing scars on wounded tootsies. If you’re considering this innovative solution to your podiatry problems, we hope this article will help you make an informed decision about how to proceed.

Fungus thrives in any warm, damp place. So feet, often confined in sweaty athletic shoes and socks, are a prime target. Tineapedis, or “athlete’s foot,” isn’t just a problem for fitness enthusiasts. Many people are troubled by this foot fungus, which causes cracked and inflamed skin, painful oozing blisters and, sometimes, a truly offensive smell.

Nail fungus, known to doctors as onychomycosis, is caused by a fungus spreading under the nail into the nail bed. For women who choose style over function in footwear, theirtight-fitting toe boxes create a perfect incubator for fungal infections.

On its website, the Australian Podiatry Association (NSW & ACT) reports that:

“Approximately 50 percent of all nail disorders are fungal infections. There are many contributing causes, including physical damage to the nail, a weakened immune system due to conditions such as diabetes and cancer, and overexposure to water or detergents.”

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  • michele curran says:

    so far I have spoken to a podiatrist’s receptionist in bondi junction. at their clinic the treat all the toe nails each time regardless wether they are infected or not ( onychomycosis) , and treat them 3 times! the cost is $900 upfront. I mentioned only a bit of my right toenail has got it so it seemed ridiculous to treat all of them ….I was told I would not know. Now I have been a trained beauty therapist since 1985 doing many pedicures over the years so I can tell the difference between an infected nail or not, also I am married to a consultant physician so I would think I have some idea.
    to me this is doing an overkill for financial gain! they refuse to treat my infected toe by itself
    I would like to know if anyone knows of someone more ethical , who treats the infected area only and does not try to cash in on having a new Cutera laser ( I am well aware lasers are expensive ) I myself use on to remove body tattoos !

    • Dr Anh Nguyen says:

      Hi Michele, if you are in Perth, I am happy to treat the affected toe (and leave the others alone). Kind regards, Anh

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