What Does Rhinoplasty Cost in Australia?

Rhinoplasty is the second most popular cosmetic surgery in the world. If you have ever considered having this procedure, you know how difficult it is to find out what it will cost before you book an initial consultation. This article helps unravel the knotty issue of the total costs of a rhinoplasty.

People have nose-reshaping surgery (rhinoplasty) for many reasons. A significant number have revision rhinoplasty surgeries. But if you have been thinking about having a nose job, you know it’s nearly impossible to find the real costs of rhinoplasty online. As with most other cosmetic surgery, to get a clear indication of the full costs of a rhinoplasty in Australia, you need to visit a surgeon—a surgeon who performs cosmetic nose reshaping procedures.

Why can’t you find the actual costs of rhinoplasty online or in advertisements? Medical service providers, including surgeons, are bound by the Australian Medical Board’s Guidelines for advertising of regulated health services. The Guidelines discourage advertisements that contain inexact price information or advertisements that provide a price and then list conditions or variables that can alter that price.

From a surgeon’s point of view, it is impossible to give a specific cost for any cosmetic procedure, because each individual’s needs are different. Providing a ballpark figure or a range of the costs you may have to pay for nose reshaping can also land them in trouble. This is why you don’t see surgeon’s websites, brochures or advertisements giving any indication of what the real costs are.

If you want to find out the costs of a rhinoplasty in any city in Australia, your best option is consulting a specialist rhinoplasty surgeon. It might be a good idea to have a consultation with more than one surgeon before making the decision to go ahead.

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  • Abbey-Lee says:

    Hi, I am a 15 year old girl that lives in Australia and their is nothing more in this world that I want than to get surgery on my nose. I like the shape of my nostrils and bridge but at the tip it is a fat, wide mound of cartridge, the thing that makes me the most upset is how I would be very pretty if I had a “normal” nose. Just wondering how much it would cost to get surgery and who is recommended? Preferably Melbourne. Thankyou in advance

  • Dominic says:

    Hi I’m only 15 and like don’t have the money but I really hate my nose from the side there’s a huge bump and it’s kinda long :( and makes my face look really horrible and I’m uncomfortable with it like I get teased about it at school everyday nearly, and I just wanna have a normal/ natural nose :/

  • Chanel says:

    Which surgeons around the Brisbane area will operate rhinoplasty on a 17 year old with parental consent??? Really need a list of surgeons, all the ones I have asked say I have to be at least 18

  • pri says:


    Please advise me on the best rhynoplasty surgeon in Melbourne

  • Rachel says:

    Hi! I am 15, I have a bump on the bridge of my nose that I hate so much. I like the rest of my nose but the bump bugs me so much. I am always self conscious in class in case people can see it and I avoid taking photos that show the profile of my face. All I want is for the cartilage to be shaved down, I’m fine if it was flat. I just hate the bump.
    Would that be really expensive? And is that possible without changing the rest of my nose?

  • Cathy says:

    I had a rhinoplasty over 30 years ago. I now seem to have cartlidge collapse at the side and it looks like a few nasal creases. I am very self conscious of it. The cosmetic surgeon who performed the rhinoplasty thought he could fill the creases with a filler but this did nothing as they are quite deep. Another cosmetic surgeon suggested a partial rhinoplasty would correct the problem. Can you let me know your thoughts. Thank you

  • Seth says:

    Well… I have kinda big nose with big nostrils and To be honest, mine is short and like a piggy nose too…hope u know what i mean.. I have been called names and it Feel so shameful So i wanna know if i can have my nose tall and long and slim with beautiful bridge like normal people…And i wanna know how much does it takes to heal… And how much does it gonna cost me??? Waiting for ur reply and i m 17 ..

  • Aliza says:

    My daughter broken Her nose yesterday on her way to school. my question is can the doctor do a nose job for her ? We are going to see the specialist in two days. And I want to know do the insurance company cover it?
    Thank you

  • Kate Kozul says:

    Hi im Kate i’m 15 and i have the worst nose in the world… well in my opinion i have a huge lump on the bridge of my nose i hate looking at the side because people can see my huge nose. I like the shape of my nose but i would love to have the bridge cutted so its flat and not that it has a bump on it. I know it costs a lot… if any wish in the world it would be to have a new nose that i feel comfortable in. My nose does not suit my face and makes my face look bulky, i have been called names and teased about from my nose, what should i do?

    • Loreta Justiniane says:

      Hello Kate don’t be ashame of you nose. We Asian people our problem we’re having a short nose. Most or some embarras the shape of our nose too short and some are flat that we have to go to surgery to make it longer like Western people nose. If you are in Asia you got the most beautiful nose. We don’t care the bumpy bridge of your nose which look like a penguin that is beautiful.

    • Steph says:

      Hi Kate, i know how you feel. I had a large bump on the bridge of my nose and had an operation to correct it. It there will be people who will try to tell you not to and be happy the way you are but I say go for it!! Just make sure you are really specific about what you want to achieve. I was so fixated on my bump i didn’t want anything else changed then once it was fixed i really wish i had of request to shorten my nose as it is quite long. Remember your nose grows as you get older! Good luck xx

  • Atul says:

    Hi, I have undergone multiple surgeries on my nose, including the Rhinoplasty, followed by surgery for stenosis. I am 48 now, For the last few years, I have been suffering from blocked nose and my ENT specialist (he has not performed earlier surgeries on me) has strongly suggested yet another surgical procedure called Extracorporeal Septoplasty to be performed simultaneously with Turbinoplasty (with laser). He has assured, all my nose related problems will be solved once for all.
    I would like to know, if it is safe to undergo such procedures. If yes, are there any experienced ENT surgeons in Perth, who have mastered the skills of performing these procedures and the cost involved for such surgeries, including the cost of hospitalisation. Thanks !

  • Madeleine says:

    Hi – the overall bone structure of my nose is fine, I just have a bulbous tip that feels like it has a lot of cartilage in it, and hooks a little bit! I just want a cute, upturned tip. Would this involve a major surgery? Or is there a difference with ‘tipoplasty’? (I’m 21)

  • Monica says:

    Hi I’m 14 years old, and i was just wondering how much would it cos in Australia for me to get a nose job as my nose bridge is flat.

  • Jedda says:

    Hi there, I’m 22 yo and I have a small bump on the top of my ridge. It’s only noticeable on the side and only seen from the left side of my face/profile. You can see it only slightly at some angles on the right but not really.

    The tip and everything else of my nose is good and I’m happy with it. It’s just this small bump that casts a weird shape of my nose on the left side of my face and at other 3/4 angles. How much do you think it would cost? Also would I have closed or open surgery?

    • Costhetics says:

      Hi Jedda,
      Thanks for your question.
      Usually a bump on the bridge requires the open rhinoplasty technique, however this would be established in consultation with a surgeon.
      Regarding the exact cost; again you really need to have a consultation with a surgeon in order to gain exact costs as they apply to you. Every nose and procedure is different.
      You can gain an overall rough cost in the article above however.
      Please let us know if you have any other questions at all.

  • layla says:

    hi im wanting to get nose surgery, i do have some problems with breathing through my nose, who would i go to to confirm that i need the surgery for this? also i want to go to thailand to get a breast augmentation, so i was going to get this also at the same time, so do you know if medicare covers overseas surgerys? Thankyou

  • Bells says:

    I am a 16 year old girl from Queensland and have been bullied about the length/size of my nose since I was a very young girl, but never really paid attention to them until a few years ago, when I discovered for myself that my nose looked infact, out of place with the rest of my facial features. I notice people staring at my nose at work, school, etc. and especially when they view me side on. I catch my family staring at it a lot now too and it has really taken its toll on my self-esteem lately to the point where I don’t want to go out in public anymore. When I am out in public I hold my hand over my nose most of the time and I start to develop a rash around my mouth from blocking my pores when its hot. Its not the front view of my nose that I am fussed over, it is the side view.
    My question is do you know a qualified and highly experienced Rhinoplasty surgeon in Queensland that will commence forward with the surgery, as I am only sixteen with parents consent. I was willing to wait until I was 18 but I cannot live another two years waking up and styling my hair around my nose, catching people staring and covering my face so no one notices the size of my nose. It’s grown tiring. Any guidance will be appreciated and forever may I be grateful.
    Kind Regards, Bells.

    • Kate says:

      Hey darl. I know how you feel. I am saving for uni and can’t afford it even if I wanted to. I used to do the whole hide my face thing too then one day I just got sick of the effort. You either start saving or get used to your face :) I’m sure its not that bad but I totally understand your feelings. xx

  • Rachel says:

    Hi I was born with a big and bent at the tip of nose I don’t at all feel good with this, how much does it cost to get it shortened and straightened and can u go on plan to pay or does Medicare help in any way please help ..

  • Lin says:

    Hi I have broken my nose before and had a surgery where they cut my hip bone to replace the broken soft bones. And i fell in a river over seas a week ago and I think the replacement bone is broken. How much would this cost? Would it cost a lot more because I have a hard bone inside that is broken? And I have Medicare as well, will this be covered

  • Pappy says:

    Hello, I want to do nose reducing, and was wondering if payment plan is accepted. Or it only just cash?

  • Nurina says:

    Hey, I’m 15 years old and was thinking of getting a nose job when I’m 17. I have a really big bump and my tip slightly points downwards. How much do you think the price will be?
    Thank you

    • Steph says:

      Hi nurina, just thought I would let you know that 15 is pretty young for surgery. I know how you feel i wanted my nose done so soon because I was so self-conscious of it but waited till i was 19 as your nose still is growing at that age. Of course it is your choice but that’s why i waited and glad i did

    • Costhetics says:

      Hi Nurina,
      Thanks for your question! The costs of rhinoplasty surgery is usually between $8000 and $15000 (AUD). These costs vary from surgeon to surgeon and also depend on the complexity of the surgery. Only a consultation with a surgeon can provide a detailed assessment of your condition and thus a definite price. Also, until your 18 you’ll need a parent or guardian to OK any surgery you have.

  • jase says:

    hi im 23 and iv got a big nose how much would it cost to get it reduced all round by about 25%

    • Costhetics says:

      Hi Jase,
      Thanks for your question! The costs of rhinoplasty surgery is usually between $8000 and $15000 (AUD). These costs vary from surgeon to surgeon. Only a consultation with a surgeon can provide a detailed assessment of your condition and thus a definite price.

  • Saffron says:

    Hello, I am 15 turning 16 next month. Due to being born premature my nose is structured off to the side slightly, one nostril is slightly bigger than the other and when breathe only one nostril closes..I believe I need this procedure done within the next few years, and I was wondering how much it would cost for me?

    Thank you.

    • Costhetics says:

      Hi Saffron,

      The cost really depends on the surgeon you choose and also the complexity of the surgery. You’ll really need to have a consultation with a surgeon to get exact pricing. Also, until your 18 you’ll need a parent or guardian to OK any surgery you have. The typical range in Australia is 8,000 and 20,000 AUD.

  • Mary says:

    My nose is big and i wanted to know roughfly how much money it would be to get it made smaller?

    • Costhetics says:

      Hi Mary,

      For more details on costs, they are in the article above. However, the typical range is $ 8,000 and $ 20,000 AUD depending on the surgeon and complexity of the surgery.

  • Saba says:

    Hey I was wondering if getting a nose surgery at the age of 17 is okay? Since the body is still developing and all and is there a range for costs if it’s just to reshape it? Thanks :)

    • Costhetics says:

      Hi Saba,

      You can have a rhinoplasty at 17. However, until you are 18 it is something you need to discuss with your surgeon and your parents. It is a big decision and one you should be absolutely sure of before you proceed.

  • Jim says:

    As somebody with a long nose, how much would I be looking at if I wanted to have to resized? Would this be the same/more expensive as if it were to be reshapen?

    • Costhetics says:

      Hi Jim,

      Only a consultation with a surgeon can provide a detailed assessment of your condition and thus a definite price. However, generally the fee for a rhinoplasty will not be any less to shorten a long nose rather than to reshape a nose. In some cases the reshaping can be less work than shortening a nose, depending what surgery is performed. You’re looking at anywhere from $8000 to $20,000 depending on the surgeon you choose.

      Good luck!

  • Melissa says:

    I was gang attacked at 17 (21 now) by a group of girls and was king hit in the face which broke my nose in two places. the ear-nose-throat doctor said it healed straight and I have no “problems” but ever since I consistently get synus infections and difficultly breathing on one side. would I qualify for Medicare? is there a set amount they cover or is it case by case? I really want to get this fixed up. thank you

    • Costhetics says:

      Hi Melissa, I’m sorry to hear about your terrible experience! From your description you most likely would be covered with a medicare item number for some/all of your surgery however this would certainly need to be confirmed by the surgeons diagnosis and treatment at the time of consultation. If your procedure does attract a medicare item number then you receive a small rebate from medicare on your surgeons fees however your private hospital fees would eligible for cover under your private health insurance. Good luck.

  • Damien says:

    Hi there
    I was looking at getting a nose job and wondering about getting it done in Thailand as it is cheaper there.tell me is it worth paying more money to have the procedure here in Australia? Or is overseas the better option?

    • Costhetics says:

      Hi Damien,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      This is a very good question and one that we get asked quite a lot.
      While there are some very good surgeons in other countries (such as Thailand), the problem is: how do you know where to start in finding the right one for you? And what if something goes wrong? Do you understand their legal and medical system in detail?

      Any kind of surgery is serious Damien, your surgeon and anaesthetist have your life in their hands. While a country such as Thailand might be a cheaper option for you, if you experience any complications, you may be up for more money than you originally planned.

      If you do decide to go to Thailand, please have a read of these articles before you go:

      Please also find a surgeon through a reputable association like ISAPS for instance: http://www.isaps.org/
      Do read those articles, as they cover this issue in far more detail. However, the long story short (or tldr; as you will) is: the additional risks in locating a suitably qualified surgeon and lack of legal framework in Thailand, in our minds, far outweight the savings in costs. Apart from the worst case scenario (death), revision surgery to correct a botched operation is extremely expensive compared to a primary procedure.
      The same goes in Australia too – ensure that your surgeon is qualified and has lots of experience performing the procedure you want.


  • ludka says:

    Which private insurance cover in australia would be the best for a nose job. i broke my nose in childhood. lately doctor told me my lung capacity is 80 percent only because one of my nostrils is pretty much blocked. how much would it cost me in western sydney? he wants me to see ent doctor but told me to get a good private insurance.

    • Costhetics says:

      Hi Ludka,
      Thank you for your enquiry.
      If you’re having a rhinoplasty operation as a result of a broken nose, most likely a lot of the costs will be covered by Medicare.
      I strongly suggest you have a consultation with an ENT surgeon in order to get the breakdown of costs as they apply to you. If you need help finding an ENT, please send us a private message to: info@costhetics.com.au or take a look at our practitioner finder and search for ‘rhinoplasty’.
      Best of luck Ludka

  • Navid says:

    I broke a bone in my nose n have a small hump …can you give me an estimate of the total cost ?

  • Dominic Boku says:

    i would like to request if you could supply me with the estimate total figure of the nose surge cost.does not matter what factors influences the cost.

    thank you

  • Dominic boku says:

    i would like to ask for the total cost of surgery at the current state.that means 2013 and and onwards.is the cost involved transport and accomondation cost or only the surgery cost.

    thank you

    • Costhetics says:

      Hi Dominic,

      These are average costs for rhinoplasty surgery around Australia. Specific costs can vary from surgeon to surgeon. For a more accurate figure, you’ll need to ask the individual surgeon. Some can give you a guide over the phone, but for an accurate cost you’ll need to have a consultation.

      Remember, that the complexity of your surgery can be different to other patients – some cases may only require 1-1.5 hours, others might be 4 hours or more of surgery!

      Transport and accommodation are not included in the above costs.

      If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!
      - Costhetics

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