Dr Christopher Leat

Dr Christopher Leat


“At Envisage we focus on you: The patient. I have recruited only the most experienced staff and use treatments that deliver the best possible results. Drop by for one of our boutique organic teas and a chat. We look forward to meeting you!”

The treatments don’t work by themselves. For excellent results, the injector must be highly trained and extremely skilled. At Envisage I’ve assembled the best nurses and injectors I could find to ensure our patients get the best results possible.

Dr Christopher Leat has 29 years experience in medicine and is a member of The Royal College of Physicians of London. He is passionate about cosmetic medicine and shares his knowledge and experience with other doctors as a keynote speaker at conferences and training sessions.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections
The team at Envisage are highly skilled at anti-wrinkle treatments and, in fact, are some of the most experienced injectors in Australia. What a lot of people don’t understand at first is this: The treatments don’t work by themselves. For excellent results, the injector must be highly trained and extremely skilled. Anti-wrinkle treatments do not uniformly produce the same results, even when the same products are used.

Dermal Fillers
Dermal fillers are among the fastest growing treatments in cosmetic medicine, and it’s easy to see why. The technology and the injecting techniques have advanced to the point where a great deal can be achieved without the need for surgery and its associated downtime, pain, cost and risks. To achieve outstanding results with dermal fillers, the injector needs many years of experience to perfect the art. Dr Leat and his team have that experience.

Laser & Skin Treatments
Envisage has one of the widest range of skin treatments available in Australia, with the latest lasers and IPL treatment technology. Our skilled dermal therapists can treat almost any skin condition from acne scarring and sun damage to rosacea and melasma.

Hair Transplant Treatments
Hair loss is a problem for many men, and natural-looking, long-term treatments are hard to find. Hair transplant treatments require a huge amount of skill and training to perfect and they are incredibly time consuming. Very few cosmetic doctors offer this treatment. Dr Leat is proud to be an extremely experienced hair transplant practitioner and loves to restore men’s confidence along with their hair.

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The Cosmetic Physicians Society of AustralasiaThe Australasian College of Phlebology

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