Cheek Reduction

Cheekbone reduction is a surgical procedure where bone is removed from the face. Cheek reduction, also known as buccal fat reduction, is a surgical procedure where fat is removed from the cheeks. Both women and men are suitable candidates for these procedures.

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  • Aina says:

    Hi,how much cost cheek bone reduction in your clinik,thank you.

  • bia ali says:

    i would like to have cheek bone reduction surgery in canada but afraid to have coz heard that the worst side effect is death. i also want rhinoplasty. so tell what are the chances that it can lead to death and the surgery can give good results.

    • dheeraj says:

      Hi dear i have undergone rhinoplasty 7 months back…it is all safe i m perfectly fine…20days back i corrected my lower droopy lip which also cured with no severe trouble. ….recently just 4 days back i had lateral cheekbone currection. ….as of now i have lot of swelling and my surgen said it will take another a week to be publicly presentable….final resul only can be seen after 2 months…but so far my experience says…its not at all life taking….just bit inconvenient soon after a week of surgery. ..but slowly u get back to normal routine with no difficulty. …

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