Ear Correction Surgery (Otoplasty)

Ear correction surgery (otoplasty) is a procedure that corrects deformities of the external ear.  It is used most often when the ears stick out too far or appear to be too large for the head.

Absolutely anyone with prominent ears is a candidate for this procedure.

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  • Maliheh says:

    Hi,I’m M.m my ears very big,I can’t speak english, I coming au tow years, me very sad for face and ears,my husband i will make fun of me laughs and I always cry and I do not have no money to operate after a life-ears and hair hide behind scarves.I forgot myself and my daughter just like me and I’m sad for her always

  • Connor says:

    Since I was a child I have always been teased about my prominent ears, I am now 18 however. I have stretched both my ears to 20mm and grown my hair just to help hide them and I was wondering if ear surgery is possible with stretched ears? And regardless do methods involving taping your ears back such as http://www.sorribesonline.com/en/how-it-works/get-started-step-by-step.aspx work? And if so do they provide permanent results or do you have to use them for the rest of your life?
    Sorry about the bombardment of questions,

  • Ebony says:

    Hi I’m 16 years old and my parents have always supported the idea of me getting my ears pinned back I just never really took it into consideration! My ears have always stuck out and in primary school I got teased and it has stuck with me and now I’m very self conscious! I just want to be able to wear my hair back and not worry about them all the time!
    Do you think it is worth it ? Because I have heard there is a lot of pain involved ?

    • Costhetics says:

      Hi Ebony,
      Thanks for your question. Since you’re self-conscious about how your ears look, ear pinning surgery may be right for you. As for whether it is worth it, this is a question only you can decide. Many patients have found this surgical correction of an issue that’s always bothered them to be well worth it. While there are some side effects such as bruising, tenderness, and itching, these are temporary, and usually resolve in less than a week.

  • jodie says:

    hi im interested in otoplasty
    i have been thinking about gettin it done since i was little i am 23 years old now
    and was wondering how i would be able to pay for the costs involved are there any payment plans which i can take?

    • Costhetics says:

      Hi Jodie,
      Thanks for your question! Yes, many surgeons do offer payment plans. The options vary from doctor to doctor. We advise you to bring up this question during the consultation session so that you can learn more about the payment options that your surgeon may offer.

  • Rose says:

    My ears are middle sized and one is bigger than the other,
    one is like folled and thats the normal looking ear than theres this flipped one thats 6cm and its masive what do I do :(

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