Fat Grafting

If you’ve ever looked at a fleshy part of your body and wished you could move that fat somewhere else, you were dreaming of fat grafting. Also known as fat transfer and (most accurately) autologous fat transfer, this procedure allows surgeons to remove fat from areas where there is an abundant supply – typically the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks – and use it to plump areas of the face and body that have lost volume due to ageing.   

As a filler, fat has an edge over all other fillers ever invented because it is

  • Natural
  • Biocompatible (in harmony with your body)
  • Readily available for harvest
  • Inexpensive
  • Potentially able to offer long-lasting results if grafted fat cells develop a healthy blood supply 

A fat transfer performed by an aesthetic professional can improve facial and body contours, correct defects, and enhance features. The procedure may be performed on its own or combined with other surgical procedures.

For facial enhancement, a patient’s own fat is used instead of commercially manufactured injectables to restore volume and correct wrinkles. In some instances, fat grafting may be used to sculpt facial contours and correct scarring caused by trauma or acne.

Fat transfer has other facial applications. It can accentuate cheek fat pads and give the appearance of higher cheekbones, or augment the chin fat pad to create a stronger-looking chin.

Other areas of the body can lose volume over time. Fat transfer procedures are frequently used to augment the breast or buttocks as an alternative to implant surgery and its risks, including rupture, leaks, and shifting.

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  • ella says:

    Fat transfer to buttocks please help me find a good sugeon for this please I am in need

  • Medina says:

    Hi I was just enquiring about the fat transfer.. I know this is a popular procedure in the states but I can’t seem to find one here in Australia, I desire to have fat transfer into the buttock for a bigger look.. Do you do this or know of anyone who does ?

    Thank you

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