Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic treatment that helps reduce undesirable hair growth from most parts of the body.

The technique of removing hair by laser is gentle, with minimal discomfort, so it can be used on large areas. Laser hair removal is a convenient alternative to waxing, shaving, bleaching and electrolysis and requires no downtime after treatment. It is only successful if you don’t have white or platinum blonde hair and if you choose a practitioner who is qualified and has performed laser hair removal many times.

In the US in 2011, laser hair removal was the fourth most popular minimally invasive cosmetic treatment after wrinkle relaxing injections, soft tissue fillers and chemical peels. There were more than 1.1 million laser hair removal treatments performed in the US in 2011, showing a growth rate of 15 percent from 2010. For the same period, total cosmetic surgical procedures grew by only two percent, while minimally invasive procedures grew by six percent.

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