Lip Lift

A lip lift reshapes the lips, making the pink border, known as the vermilion border, more prominent. Changing the area above the lips can give you fuller-looking lips and enhance your smile. Women and men are candidates for a lip lift.

A lip lift, which is a surgical procedure, should not be confused with lip augmentation—sometimes also called lip enhancement—a non-surgical procedure where dermal filler is injected into the lips. Sometimes surgeons offer a lip lift and lip augmentation as a combination procedure. A lip lift may also be offered as part of a total facelift package.

The lip lift has not yet reached the top 20 most sought-after cosmetic surgical procedures because a number of non-surgical techniques achieve similar results. The effects of most non-surgical procedures, however usually last a maximum of six months, whereas the effects of a surgical lip lift can last many years.

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