The Cinderella Procedure

Women and high heels have always had an unsteady relationship. In 1533, Catherine de’ Medici wore the world’s first pair of high heels, causing a fashion frenzy and making high heels the norm (and mark of stylish distinction) for women in French and Italian courts.  Since then, in the ongoing quest to achieve a statuesque look of perfection, women have endured the indignity and discomfort of shoes that are simply painful to wear.

The so-called “Cinderella Procedure” is a preventive bunion correction that results in a narrower foot. It’s goal is to make it easier for women to squeeze into stillettos.

“It’s unrealistic to tell women not to wear high heels. I came up with procedures that allow the women to function, pain-free, in the real world.” Ali Sadrieh, podiatrist and creator of the Cinderella Procedure, in an article for the Wall Street Journal

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  • Jessica Urbina says:

    I just want to know is the Cinderella Procedure only works on only the bunion part or can it be done to reduce foot size ?

  • Susana Prado says:

    I was intrested in finding out about the cinderella procedurel. Is it just the bunion part they fix or the side of the foot as well?

  • Nicole says:

    I would have a bone coming out the side of my foot it’s painful
    I would like to know if I have the procedure will the pain be gone
    Kind regards

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