We were fiddling around with the office Ouija board at Costhetics today (don’t tell the bosses!), when someone asked, “Do you think Ouija could help us predict the future of the aesthetic enhancement industry?”

We loved the idea, so we asked all sorts of questions:

  • Will we see more of Kim Kardashian’s bottom in the future? Ouija said yes.
  • Will vaginal steaming still be a craze next year? Ouija said no
  • Do Venus Dimples give women bigger orgasms? Ouija said “Good-bye.” (We must have offended its delicate sensibilities)

As entertaining as the undertaking was (which may or may not have been aided and abetted by a few small glasses of something alcoholic), it only went so far. As Australia’s most trusted resource for cosmetic surgery and other aesthetic enhancement information, Team Costhetics decided to ditch our old pal Ouija and turn to the Internet’s most influential voices for our look into the coming year.

We now draw back the veil…

Itty Bitty Titty Committee Is Now in Session

Talk about breast enhancement with a Baby Boomer and you’ll hear tales of over the top (and over the top of the bra) implants on the chests of stars like Pamela Anderson and Dolly Parton. That was then, but this is now. Ask a Millennial about breast augmentation and she’ll talk about the luscious, but natural-looking curves of someone like Taylor Swift. The “bigger is better” trend has been replaced by the “everything in moderation” trend. Small, perky 34C breasts are winning hands-down over more-than-a-handful 34DD.

“We see this in the clinic and there’s a trend for the more natural look,” a respected plastic surgeon told The Daily Mail. “In the last two years, the average size of implants people go for has reduced by 30cc. “

Big-Breasted Beauties Need Not Apply

Big breasts won’t even get you a part in a Hollywood movie. At one time, actresses like Baywatch’s Pamela Anderson were encouraged to “go big or go home.” Today, over-stuffed starlets are being labelled as bimbos and finding it difficult to get cast. This may certainly have led to these A-listers having their implants removed:

  • Heather Morris, Actress, Glee
  • Kris Jenner, mother of Kim Kardashian
  • Adrienne Bailon – Disney Star
  • Victoria Beckham – Singer and fashion designer

The demand for implants has never wavered, and it’s likely that breast enhancement is not going away any time soon. In 2018, the trend for body-conscious breast augmentation will be achieving a balanced, natural looking silhouette. Rather than trying to achieve maximum overdrive in an implant, surgeons will factor in considerations like these in making their size and shape recommendations:

  • Goals
  • Body size
  • Body type
  • Physical activities

Smipples: Smaller Nipples

Nipples and breasts go together like, well, like nipples and breasts. As the demand for large breasts has diminished, so has the demand for thumb-sized nipples. Hello Magazine reported on one clinic where there has been “…a 30% rise in women requesting a smaller nipple size in the last year.”

Lip Service: Kylie Jenner Plumps No More

18-year-old Kylie Jenner’s revelations of her affection for lip plumping injections in 2015 ignited a fire for fierce lips in millions of her fans. There was an explosion of interest in lip injections and lip creams, and the inevitable cash-in-on-the-trend snake oil products. Who knew that Kylie would prove to be fickle?

Recently, the Internet influencer admitted that she’s “…into small lips lately…like I want them to look small, you know.” It was easy for her to achieve her goal. All she needed to do was stop her injections and wait for her lips to deflate as the filler deteriorated and left her body. For people born with naturally plump lips, perhaps too plump, a new procedure called lip reduction surgery has been created.

The smaller lip trend for 2018 seems to be heavily driven by the desire of Asian men and women to have Caucasian facial features. In Western countries like Australia and America, lip reduction is seen as a push back against the overdone lips of the past on famous faces including:

  • Angelina Jolie
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Donatella Versace

Steer Clear: 2018 Cosmetic Surgery Trends from Hell

Costhetics wants to remind you what’s advertised as “new” isn’t always what’s new, effective, or even safe. We’ve uncovered five scary cosmetic surgery trends that we want you to avoid like the plague (and not just because some of them can give you the plague)

  • Silicone oil facial filler injections – Cheaper than approved dermal fillers, silicone oil is known to cause massive inflammation, infection, and allergic reactions.
  • Neck lift plus gland removal – This attempt at contouring the jaw can cause permanent dry mouth and a serious case of bloody mouth.
  • Waist trimming rib removal – There’s a reason this procedure fell out of fashion after hitting its height in the 1950’s. Removing a rib is major surgery that subjects patients to the risk of a punctured lung.
  • Fat Pat Removal – Taking out the fat pads of the cheeks can create a high-fashion cheek hollow. Unfortunately, the hollow begins to look more skeletal than stylish as a patient ages and loses facial volume.
  • Lunch Hour Thread Lift – Don’t be seduced by this so-called less invasive alternative to a traditional facelift. The benefit is extremely short-lived. Furthermore, the thread itself has been shown to create problems from headaches to pricking sensations beneath the skin.

Costhetics Says: Ask Your Doctor Not Your Ouija

It’s hard not to get pee-your-pants excited when you read about innovations in the world of cosmetic surgery and cosmetic enhancement. No matter what you read about a new (or old) procedure, however, you need to ensure the treatment is a good choice for you. You can ask Google, of course, but Costhetics urges you to ask an expert.


Be your best self!

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