When Team Costhetics googled “COVID and the beauty industry,” we were surprised by the results that were returned.

Most focused on the impact of the virus on the business of beauty. We were looking for something different, something a bit more upbeat. We wanted to find out more about the good work being done by doctors, skin care manufacturers, cosmetics companies and others to fight back against the virus today and keep consumers safe in the future. We dug deeper and what we found make us so proud of the industry we simply had to get the word out.

Soap Opera

Short of total isolation, your best defence against the coronavirus is soap. It’s a more effective defence than alcohol and disinfectants in destroying the structure of COVID-19.  Mixed with water, soap can annihilate the coronavirus by dissolving COVID’s fat membrane, causing the virus to fall apart and die. All it takes is 20 seconds of vigorous scrubbing. It’s no wonder soap is a prized commodity around the world, but often in short supply due to the overwhelming demand. The great news is that AVON Rumania donated 1.7 tons of liquid soaps and shower gels to quarantine centres in Bucharest.

The Sweet Smell of Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is a hero of the pandemic. Safe, effective, and portable, it can be used straight from the bottle without water. In a new study, Swiss and German researchers report that the alcohol-based sanitisers recommended by the World Health Organization are effective in killing COVID-19. The study concluded that all sanitiser formulations and dilutions of 40% or more killed the coronavirus and reduced the virus to background levels within 30 seconds. The great news is that LVMH converted three of its perfume factories into hand sanitiser production.

Diagnostics, Vaccines, & Therapeutics

It’s harder to fight an enemy you don’t know, and COVID-19 is very much a stranger. The ‘novel’ in its name (novel coronavirus) refers to its unique attributes. For now, we know very little about it. What we do know is how desperately a reliable testing protocol is needed. Reporting on why testing is so important, Dr. Eduardo Sanchez, American Heart Association Chief Medical Officer for Prevention, says, “When a communicable disease outbreak begins, the ideal response is for public health officials to begin testing for it early. That leads to quick identification of cases, quick treatment for those people and immediate isolation to prevent spread.”

The great news? Fragrance innovator Ginkgo Bioworks is sharing its facilities
and tech platform to accelerate the development of point of care diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics.

Beauty Industry Leads by Example with Homework

Thousands of businesses including medical spas and aesthetic offices have closed their doors and furloughed employees. Elsewhere in the beauty industry, however, technology is enabling workers to stay home and stay on the payroll. Remote working is the new normal, at least, for a while.

Staying Apart Brings People Together

Every day, we read about sport events, concerts, festivals, and other beloved forms of entertainment that have been put on hold due to coronavirus. It’s also a problem in the business world with professional conferences, trade shows, and expositions being cancelled due to fear of spreading infection. The beauty industry is turning this challenge into an opportunity, bringing people together virtually for online webinars and launching products digitally.

Giving Back: Beauty Companies Donate Proceeds

“Over the last few weeks, it’s become obvious that many businesses have devoted themselves to not only getting through the COVID-19 crisis themselves — but also helping others to do the same.” reports Allure Magazine. Beauty industry giants around the world are putting their money where their heart is. L’Oreal has pledged $720,000 to the Chinese Red Cross Foundation.

This is just a small sample of beauty companies doing the right thing. Costhetics asks you to remember that your purchases help make a difference.

Stay healthy…and beautiful! That’s how Costhetics loves you best.

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