The Costhetics water cooler crowd has been buzzing over a study from the Aesthetic Surgery Journal called “Better Sex From the Knife? An Intimate Look at the Effects of Cosmetic Surgery on Sexual Practices.”

It examines the impact a major aesthetic procedure has on a patient’s post-operative sex life.

The results were remarkable:

  • 95+% of respondents reported improvements in body image.
  • 80% of breast augmentation respondents reported improvements in sexual satisfaction.
  • 50% of body contouring respondents said their sexual satisfaction was higher.
  • 50% of breast enhancement respondents had changed to more provocative attire.
  • 60% of body contouring respondents changed their wardrobe.
  • 70% testified that their partner’s sex life had been enhanced.

Perhaps most interesting of all was this tidbit:

  • 30% of breast patients and 50% of body enhancement patients reported an improved ability to achieve orgasm.

Who knew that cosmetic procedures might do more for your sex life than that little blue pill everyone talks about! We wanted to know why. Don’t you?

Free to Be…Orgasmically You

Sexuality has a lot to do with letting go. It’s hard to be free, however, when you harbour negative body issues. You might insist on a lights-off policy so your partner can’t see facial lines or wrinkles. You may not let your partner touch you in certain places because you’re embarrassed by loose flesh. You might wear a bra under your nightie because you’re unhappy with your perky-no-longer breasts. Ultimately, some people avoid intimacy as much as possible, rather than experience those toxic feelings of self-loathing.

Cosmetic surgery can sometimes help. Cosmetic surgery doesn’t change who you are, it changes how you see yourself. A review study of psychosocial outcomes for patients seeking cosmetic surgery shows that physical transformation brought on by procedures such as tummy tucks and breast augmentation benefit patients by

  • Reducing anxiety
  • Quieting social phobia
  • Easing depression
  • Improving mental and physical health
  • Raising self-esteem
  • Treating body dysmorphia

No Topic Is Too Taboo for Costhetics

There’s a question that some cosmetic surgery patients find hard to ask, but they shouldn’t. They need to know “When can I get back to the bedroom to, uh, well, you know…?” It’s an uncomfortable question, but it shouldn’t be. Sex is a natural, healthy part of your life. Remember, your surgeon has probably heard it all before and the answer s/he provides will be important to your long-term well-being.

Three facts impact the duration of your wait:

  • The procedure you’ve chosen
  • Your general pain tolerance and comfort level
  • Your body’s healing ability

Touchable though they may appear, your breasts should be off limits for at least two weeks after surgical enhancement. After gynaecomastia surgery, sex is not recommended for the first 7-10 days. With liposuction, on the other hand, you may resume sex as soon as you feel physically ready to do so. When you start to feel frisky after an invasive procedure such as a tummy tuck or genital enhancement surgery, ask your surgeon for a thumbs-up before you get busy, as healing varies greatly from patient to patient.

A Three-Way is the Best Way

It’s not uncommon for patients and/or their partners to be nervous about splitting their stitches, aggravating their incisions, etc. during sex. Another stumbling block may be the sight of bandages, gauze, and other post-op care visuals. They can be real mood killers.

If you want to figure out the optimum time to have sex after your surgery, you’ll need a three-way with your surgeon and your partner. Your doctor can tell you if you’re medically cleared to do the deed, but only you and your partner know if you’re physically and psychologically ready to resume.

At Costhetics, we say “Everything in its own time.” Be patient. Your wait will be rewarded with a well-deserved orgasm.

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