Male Breast Reduction (Gynaecomastia)

Male breast reduction is the treatment and correction of enlarged breasts in men. The medical term for this condition is gynaecomastia, colloquially known as “man boobs”.

Gynaecomastia is a common condition, affecting over 50% of teenagers and between 30% and 65% of men. In adolescent boys, it often goes away by itself. It is generally attributed to an imbalance of sex hormones or increased tissue sensitivity to these hormones. However, there is a wide range of other causes, such as hereditary, drug use (both prescribed medication and other chemicals) or chronic disease. Even if you don’t want to have surgery, it is worth talking to your doctor if you are a man with enlarged breasts.

The severity of this condition can vary considerably, from slightly puffy nipples (pseudogynaecomastia) to large female-looking breasts. Overweight men can also appear to have this condition, but it may be excess fat, not breast tissue. A doctor will be able to diagnose gynaecomastia correctly. If it is only fat, liposuction or a weight-loss programme might be the appropriate way to go.

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