What areas of your face would you like to change or enhance with facial injectable treatments? What are the factors you should consider before having injectable treatments? Let’s find out.

Facial injectable treatments are fast becoming a way of life in many parts of the world. In the second half of 2012, Costhetics worked with Merz Aesthetics to conduct a survey among men and women in Australia about several aspects of facial injectable treatments. The survey, conducted via the Costhetics website, included questions about the level of social acceptance for injectables, features respondents would like to change with treatment, and factors they would consider before having a treatment. This article offers an insight into what people said they would like to change or enhance with facial injectables and what they look at before consenting to treatment.

What features are women planning to change with injectable treatments?

Although the survey included both men and women, only 12 percent of the total 1,224 participants were men. In this section, we will only look at the figures for women.

Among women who took part in the survey, the area they most wanted to treat with injectables was the area around their eyes. Nearly three quarters of all women gave the eye area preference, putting eyes at the front even when different age groups were considered separately. Other features they wished to change, in order of popularity, were the forehead, sagging skin, lips and jaw line.

Women in the 46 to 64 age group also wanted to change or enhance their forehead, lips, jaw line, chin and cheekbones, but eyes won by a wide margin. Women in the 26 to 45 age group said they’d also like to change or enhance their foreheads and noses.

Just over half the participants in the 18 to 25 age group expressed a wish to change or enhance the eye area.  Their second preference was the nose (39%). Forehead, lips and cheekbones were preferred by 28 percent, 27 percent and 26 percent respectively.

What Aussies look for before seeking injectable treatments

Natural looking results, affordability and being able to trust their treatment provider were the key concerns.

When asked, “What are the things you would need to know before going ahead and having a facial injectable treatment?” 70 percent of the women and 51 percent of the men wanted the results to look natural.

The next biggest concern for both sexes was that the costs of treatment were within their budget. Two in three women and half of the men mentioned costs as a concern in seeking treatments.

Faith in their treatment provider and access to information about the treatments were the next most important factors. Around 55 percent of the women and 41 percent of the men mentioned needing to have faith in their treatment provider before proceeding with treatment. 41 percent of the women and 35 percent of the men mentioned the need for more information about their treatments.

Other concerns included knowing that the treatment would not be painful and the assurance that the needles used would be small and harmless. Both sexes felt this way.

One third of women and an equal number of men also wanted reassurance that the treatments would make them look younger. Knowing that their partner wanted them to have treatment appeared to be more important to men than for women.

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