After a long, hard slog through COVID, people are enjoying a return to the things they like best … especially aesthetic enhancement.

Eager to make up for lost time away from their aestheticians and doctors, people have spent the first three months of the new year booking appointments for a variety of treatments and procedures. It’s something we at Costhetics couldn’t be happier to report as part of our ongoing coverage of the latest news and information about cosmetic surgery, aesthetic procedures, and beauty trends.


If you’re ready to come out of your COVID shell and get back into the swing of things, here’s what people like you want most for their beauty in 2022…

The Search for Luscious Lips

Review website Yelp is an online bullhorn where people broadcast their interest in just about everything, including facial beauty. According to data culled from its website, Yelp reports lip enhancement is trending strongly. Searches for lip-plumping lip flips are up 107%. That’s nothing compared to the interest in semi-permanent lip tinting. The process known as ‘lip blushing’ is surging, triggering 130% more searches.

Bye Bye Breast Implants

Breast implant replacement and removal procedures are trending as women emulate beloved celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Victoria Beckham. Smaller breasts are big again, so women are opting to swap out their D cups for a more modest B. There is also an uptick in breast uplifts, which solves the problem of skin stretched out by a once-large implant.

You’re More than Just a Pretty Face

After two years of presenting ourselves face-to-face via Zoom, the return to in-person business and socialising is shifting the focus from our faces to our bodies. “In late 2021, there was an increase in liposuction procedures,” an expert tells Allure Magazine. “People are wearing pants again, and they’re realising, gosh, my pants are fitting a little bit differently.” This realisation explains renewed interest in liposuction and other types of body contouring, including non-surgical butt enhancement.

I Want It All and I Want it Now

When Freddy Mercury and Queen blasted the lyrics to their iconic anthem, they weren’t talking about aesthetic enhancement or cosmetic surgery in 2022, but they could have been. Patients today are searching for ways to combine different procedures into a single session. This not only saves time and money but can reduce patient risk as well. For example, combining tummy tuck surgery with breast enhancement means a patient only needs to undergo anaesthesia once.


Combination surgeries may also reduce the total time needed for recovery, making it less disruptive to daily activities in the long term. Perhaps best of all, having multiple procedures done simultaneously can provide dramatic results to those patients looking to enjoy a wow factor rather than a gradual change.


Costhetics’ Favourite Trend in 2022: Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetics

It’s important to note that not all aesthetic procedures can be combined. For example, it is unwise to combine a facelift with breast augmentation as the recovery protocol for each is very different. An experienced surgeon or aesthetic professional will have the knowledge to help you gain clarity about what is, and is not, advisable for you.


Happily, one trend that just keeps getting stronger and stronger is patients’ demand for doctors who are skilled, well-trained, and experienced in their craft. If you are considering a trending cosmetic procedure, or simply want to learn more about how aesthetic enhancement can improve your appearance, Costhetics can help you find a doctor in your area





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