A memorable OMG moment regarding celebrity cosmetic surgery gone wrong occurred when an almost unrecognisable Uma Thurman appeared at a red carpet event in New York City. There to promote a controversial new TV miniseries called “The Slap”, it was Thurman’s facial changes that generated the most press.

Source: EntertainThis

It turns out Thurman had simply changed her make-up for the night, a point made abundantly clear when she appeared the following morning on the Today Show.

There’s More to Successful Cosmetic Enhancement than Money

Uma Thurman’s cosmetic enhancement mix-up and the highly publicised “What did Renee Zellweger do to herself?” fiasco at Cannes actually gave rise to a different question…

 Why do the rich and famous so often get

cosmetic enhancement wrong?

TV and film celebrities have deep pockets. They also work in an appearance-driven industry where they can get referrals to top specialists for cosmetic enhancement procedures of all kinds. Yet a shocking number of A-Listers seem to end up with D-List aestheticians.

It turns out that celebrities are people, too. They make questionable choices when it comes to their bodies, just like everybody else. The entertainment industry is highly competitive, putting a premium on youth and good looks. This can push celebrities to put their faith in the wrong specialist or procedure as they become obsessed with chasing youth.

Understanding the Whole Body in Cosmetic Enhancement

Many patients who have cosmetic enhancement procedures do not fully understand the broad spectrum of unintended and unexpected physical and emotional side effects that come with a physical transformation. They may also be unaware that when you tamper with the body in one area, you may create problems in another.

For example, studies have shown that women who suction fat from their thighs and lower abdomen can destroy those fat cells, but when they put weight back on (and most do), it distributes unevenly. The result is new unflattering areas of fat in the upper abdomen, back, and arms.

In the same vein, changing one aspect of the face or body can interfere with naturally pleasing aesthetics. An ageing screen star who gets a tummy tuck may suddenly find that her thighs seem out of proportion. A pop singer who wants plumped lips may feel it makes her normal-looking nose suddenly appear disproportionate.

The Sad Case of Jocelyn Wildenstein’s Cosmetic Surgery Fiasco

Unfortunately, wealth can serve as a real incentive for unscrupulous cosmetic enhancement specialists to perform treatments that are not appropriate. Take the case of cosmetic surgery addict Jocelyn Wildenstein…

The New York socialite whose marriage was failing famously asked her surgeon to make her look more like a “big cat,” hoping to lure back her wandering husband. This is perhaps one of the worst reasons to seek cosmetic enhancement.

Source: WomansDay

Wildenstein’s ploy didn’t work. Her husband divorced her for a younger woman after she went on a $4 million cosmetic surgery binge.

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