Dr Mark Magnusson is the founder and medical director of Allure Cosmetic Clinic and Toowoomba Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. At his medispa and surgery centre, Magnusson and his team provide comprehensive cosmetic services including non-surgical rejuvenation treatments:
  • Medical grade skin care
  • Peels
  • Anti-wrinkle injections
  • Dermal fillers
  • Laser facial rejuvenation treatments

Source: Toowoombaplasticsurgery 

Magnusson is also the Chairman of Education and Vice President of ASAPS, co-sponsor with the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia of the 2015 Non-Surgical Symposium in Melbourne. At the Symposium, Magnusson talked to colleagues about the eye area and explained why it should be an area of focus for facial rejuvenation.

Enhancing Curves: Treatments for the Eye Area

He explained that “the eye area is a series of parallel curves,” and that “as we age, we lose the convex shape around the periorbita.”

He discussed several procedures that can be used correctively, and reminded colleagues that sometimes less is more.

Costhetics Reports that Natural Rejuvenation Is Always in Style

Another topic covered by Magnusson was the definition of beauty. He emphasised how important it is for a professional’s treatment plan to be in sync with the aesthetic goals expressed by the patient. “What we think is beautiful is based on aesthetics manufactured by what we see in magazines and on television,” he told his audience.

Magnusson called for aesthetic doctors to look beyond what is happening with a patient’s skeleton, to assess what is happening with the tissues, which varies from person to person. “Fine tissues around the eyes will lift and be more easily managed non-surgically.”
“As surgeons, we have to take a step back,” Magnusson said. “Some things can simply be treated with good skincare or different makeup. Not everyone needs non-surgical or surgical treatments.”

Rather than creating cookie-cutter features or frozen faces incapable of expressing emotion, Dr Magnusson favours more natural rejuvenation:

“The goal of anyone in the aesthetics industry is to harmonise and rejuvenate.”

We have more news from the 2015 Non-Surgical Symposium, in Part 1 of this post. Keep reading!

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