When the maid of honour stepped out of the bridal car with her sister, Kate Middleton, a gasp was heard from the estimated 2 billion people watching the royal wedding - and it wasn’t just for the bride.

When Pippa Middleton entered the church in her white Alexander McQueen gown, an appreciation society for her perfect bottom had already started. Hers was the back view everyone wanted, and just that quickly the Pippa Butt Lift was born.

Pippa’s sexy posterior became a distraction and was considered every bit as historical as the wedding itself. Women said goodbye to the popular J. Lo rump and yearned for the lovely Pippa’s royal backside. So what is it about this young lady’s bottom that started a craze and made it a new standard for the buttock lift?

Pippa is endowed with a slender athletic figure and a perfectly proportioned bottom. This look is the opposite of the boyish no bottom model look that so many women work hard to achieve.

The Permanent Pippa

There are many ways to get a Pippa posterior. One of the quickest is through cosmetic surgery. “The Pippa” can be realised through a surgical procedure where fat is taken from one site on the body and injected into the buttocks to shape and lift them.

“The Pippa Middleton Lift” seems to be the perfect procedure, especially as fat is removed where it isn’t wanted, usually the stomach and thighs and reinserted in the buttocks to mimic Pippa’s signature figure. But before rushing off for liposuction and fat transplants, there are less invasive ways to achieve this same shapely look. You can, for example, wear padded inserts that shape your posterior.

Some beauty professionals think this is exactly how Pippa attained her perfect derriere.  In the TLC TV show “Crazy About Pippa”, spa owner Lesley Reynolds Kahn suspects Pippa used padding, as she seems to have a flat bottom in jeans and other clothing. Despite this suspicion, there’s no denying what Miss Middleton has done to women around the world, and that is to put focus on the butt.

The Secret Behind the Behind

So, everybody wants a slice of Pippa, and some women are willing to undergo the knife to get Pippa’s knockout bum. Yet the secret behind Pippa’s behind is in fact not the result of cosmetic surgery. Pippa works for her looks with a simple health and fitness regime. Her weekly exercise plan includes cross training, cardiovascular, endurance and weight training as well as Pilates.

A buttock lift can be satisfying if it is performed safely by a surgeon who really knows how to do it. As with all cosmetic surgery, careful patient selection, education, and preparation are critical to minimising risks and getting the best results. If, however, your only reason for undergoing cosmetic surgery is to look like someone else, you might as well stick to padded clothing.

It isn’t really Pippa’s posterior that is causing all this attention. Her hair, her style, her charm – Pippa is a total package. She is confident in who she is and does her best to enhance the features that she has.

Confidence in yourself is a hallmark of beauty. The way you perceive yourself will effect how others perceive you.

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