Do you hear that sound? It’s the ringing of thousands of phones in cosmetic practices across Australia.

The ever-curious team at Costhetics, eager to report the latest news and information on aesthetic enhancement, wanted to know the reason behind this self-improvement juggernaut.

It turns out there are many reasons. Here’s where our research took us…

#1 Reason for Facial Rejuvenation: Everyone Is Zooming

Zoom has become an essential online boardroom and a much-needed gathering place for friends and family who are socially isolated. The technology is marvellous, but the effect on working Zoomies has been an unexpected (and often unwelcome) reality check. You’re forced to confront the disconnect between how you think you look and how you look on-camera.

Your Zoom picture is not the same as looking in your friendly bathroom mirror each day and night. The unforgiving eye of your computer camera can cause you to cringe in horror at dark under-eye circles that age your face. Previously unnoticed chin fat suddenly seems painfully obvious. Plus let us not forget wrinkles, fine lines, and other facial imperfections.

Comparing one’s poorly lit face captured at unflattering angles to the images of attractive work mates with digital savvy has led to what the Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics has dubbed ‘Zoom Face Envy.’ That envy combined with concerns about how appearance online may affect your workplace image has made Australians especially interested in facial aesthetic enhancement and rejuvenation.

Melbourne Goes All In for Facial Enhancement

Zoom focuses on your face and facial cosmetic surgery enquiries are increasingly focused on face, too. Back in June, the Daily Mail reported an elevated interest in facial enhancement in Melbourne. One plastic surgeon reported:

  • 300% increase in requests for nose jobs
  • 200% increase in requests for eyelid surgery

Elsewhere in Melbourne, teeth were under the microscope. A dental boutique reported a:

  • 70% jump in questions about cosmetic dentistry

“Even the most serious and widespread health crisis of our time hasn’t slowed the demand for injectables and plastic surgery procedures,” writes Allure magazine reporting on the worldwide trend.

Off the Clock: Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Easier during Pandemic

Before the pandemic forced us to slow down, the fast-paced nature of 21st Century living made it difficult for people to consider facial plastic surgery, liposuction, and other transformative procedures that require extended downtime for recovery. Since mid-year, many in-demand surgeons report an uptick in patients who are using their work-from-home time to recover safely and comfortably from surgical procedures, as well as treatments such as a chemical peel.

Doctors are enthusiastic about the downtime with regard to post-procedure instructions. They note it’s easier for patients to be compliant when they can stay home more. For example, avoiding the sun is essential after many surgeries and non-invasive treatments. Working from home allows employees to avoid sun exposure and other stressors.

Masking the Truth: What They Can’t See

Masks are yet another factor contributing to cosmetic enhancement interest. Individuals who aren’t eager to broadcast their self-improvement choices can hide telltale signs of skin treatments (blotches, pink skin, flaking, etc.), lip augmentation (swelling) and other procedures under a mask.

Masking works well whether you’re out-and-about or online. When you are online, you can use your technology to keep the facts of your treatments under wraps. Experiment with your camera’s distance from your face to create an intentional lack of clarity.  Other disguise techniques include:

  • Back-lighting yourself
  • Changing your hairstyle to hide any visible scarring

Making Changes for the Better Thanks to Zoom

Nearly a year of pandemic problems has left many people feeling dejected and hopeless. For this reason, Costhetics says hooray for Zoom and anything that might motivate/inspire people to make positive changes they hadn’t thought about previously.  This includes everything from rhinoplasty for a challenged-by-age-and-gravity nose to laser skin tightening to make the face more youthful.

Before you get caught up in the tidal wave of aesthetic enhancement in Australia and elsewhere, however, Costhetics asks that you take a moment and consider this: are you projecting your negative self-image onto others. You may think your nose is too big, but is that what your colleagues think? They may love you just the way you are. We do, too.

Perhaps you should do the same.

Now you know what others think. What’s yours? Please share your experiences, opinions, and insights with Costhetics below.

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