You didn’t think those folks wake up looking fabulous, did you? They don’t, at least not according to their nutritionists and trainers.

It seems as if it’s always awards season somewhere in the world. That presents real challenges for the celebrities we see walking the red carpet. Beyond deciding on fashion and face paint, top A-Listers go through a rigorous pre-event regimen of diet, exercise, and skincare to get their bodies ready to be scrutinised.

Get in Training Early for Your Red Carpet Walk

Jay Cardiello is a nutrition expert and celebrity trainer. He told CBS News that his clients get into training for a red carpet event the same way that they would an athletic event.  Nutritionist and author Heather Bauer agrees:

“If you want to lose 10 pounds, you’re not going to begin prepping three days before an event. You need to begin six weeks before an event. People who are within a 3-5 pounds of goal weight will start to get aggressive anywhere between seven to 10 days before a big event. And I think they’ll go hardcore about three days before.”Heather Bauer

Curb Snack Attacks to be Red Carpet Ready

According to the experts, there’s no need to do crazy crash diets.Fruits, veggies, and lean protein are your best friends. Bauer is even a fan of healthy snack options such as nutrition bars, which she calls, “finite and controlled.”

“It’s good to have one with you just in case, for emergencies, so you don’t end up falling off (your diet) track.” – Heather Bauer

Cardiello focuses on the value of unprocessed food. His motto:

“If it goes bad it’s good for you.”

Water Babies Rule on the Red Carpet

Water helps the body process the salt in our diet and toxins. It clarifies the skin and even boosts metabolism, meaning you burn calories more easily. Bauer recommends drinking a minimum of two litres of plain, non-sparkling water daily.

As well as providing much-needed hydration, a litre of water in the morning and another in the afternoon will prevent you from wanting other beverages (including coffee and diet soda) that leech H2O from the body.

When You Want to Be Runway-Ready

Other recommendations include:

  • Mindful eating – To keep yourself in tip-top shape, be aware of all the seemingly innocuous little bites that can add hundreds of calories to your day: the bread basket, frozen yogurt and sugary trail mix.
  • Ban Bloaters – Although they’re calorie-free, sugar-free sweets and gum contain chemicals that can cause bloating.
  • Avoid the Refined – You don’t have to stay away from refined people, they’re just swell!You should stay away from refined food products, especially refined sugar and flour.
  • Get 7-8 Hours of Sleep Each Night –When we’re sleep deprived, our bodies produce a hormone called ghrelin that makes us crave comfort foods. Sleep deprivation also prevents the body from producing leptin, a hormone that makes us feel full.
  • Prioritise Fitness – Try on your red carpet attire and check out any areas that are exposed or highlighted: shoulders in a strapless gown, midsection in a cropped top, etc. Adjust your exercise routine to take these hot spots into consideration.

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