In October, Team Costhetics joined an international group of facial plastic surgeons and aesthetic specialists at a symposium offered jointly by the Australasian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (AAFPS) and the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The intensive three-day Master’s Symposium included a cadaver dissection workshop covering all aspects of Rhinoplasty.

Of particular note was a talk given by Dr Andrew Frankel titled “Practicing in Beverly Hills.” His comments about the challenges of working in California’s most coveted zip code resonated with our team. Everything he said made us feel we’d be very much at home there, and vice versa.

“The parallels between cosmetic surgery in Bondi Junction and Beverly Hills are unmistakable,”—Dr George Marcells, President of the AAFPS

Costhetics Discovers: It’s Who, Not Where that Counts in Cosmetic Surgery

Patients whose professional lives depend on their looks demand a high level of surgical skill and aesthetic expertise from their plastic surgeons. In Beverly Hills, a “celebrity surgeon” is a doctor who has achieved fame and fortune by being the best at what he/she does, not someone who treats celebrities

While cost may be less important to Hollywood A-listers, choosing the best possible surgeon is definitely their #1 concern. “In Beverly Hills, it’s not about what you’re having done, it’s about who’s performing the surgery for you,” Dr Frankel told his audience.

“There is a perceived hype created by the entire world around Beverly Hills, and with that comes pressure. It’s a very competitive environment in Beverly Hills amongst surgeons which raises the bar and means doctors have to lift their game.”— Dr Andrew Frankel

The same is true in Bondi Junction. “There’s no room for bad surgeons here,” says Dr Marcells, whose offices are located on Spring Street. “Patients at About Face have high expectations regarding the outcome of their procedures. They insist on a specialist with proven ability to deliver optimal results.”

Costhetics Tip:
An excellent way to assess a surgeon’s capabilities and aesthetic sense
is to look at Before and After pictures of patients.

Cosmetic Surgery Patients in Australia and America Have Limited Patience

In an age of instant gratification, a new paradigm has evolved for cosmetic surgery procedures both in Australia and the U.S. Because people are chronically over-scheduled, they demand procedures that

  • Are performed quickly
  • Are performed in-office
  • Require minimal downtime
  • Show results quickly, if not instantly

“They also have very little patience for swelling and possible complications,” says Dr Frankel. This further underscores the need for a highly trained and well-qualified surgeon.

Online Reviews: Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down for Facial Plastic Surgeons

In both Beverly Hills and Bondi Junction, more and more patients are taking the time to consult with multiple surgeons. The goal is to check their credentials by asking questions about:

  • Training
  • Experience
  • Number of procedures performed

Dr Frankel is all too aware of how reviews can make or break a career, “Additionally, aided by a proliferation of consumer review websites, people who are unhappy and have experienced bad surgery make sure they let the world know.”

Bondi Junction Welcomes Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons

“Due to social media, people in upscale markets around the world are becoming ever more demanding and sophisticated; creating a practice situation quite similar to Beverly Hills,” says Dr. Frankel.

But is Bondi Junction becoming more like Beverly Hills, or is it the new destination for the world’s best cosmetic enhancement?

“Many doctors have migrated to Bondi Junction, as it’s seen as the place to set up your practice,” comments Dr Marcells. He notes that Bondi Junction is the start of the Eastern Suburbs and the demographics of the Eastern Suburbs and Beverly Hills are somewhat similar.

Bondi Junction is, after all, the gateway to Bondi, a destination that draws an international crowd of celebrities to enjoy the sun and surf, much like the California coastline. Come for the sand…

…stay for the surgery!

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