Six months ago, the emergence of COVID-19 changed the world, including the world of medical and aesthetic practices.

Costhetics is truly proud to report on the massive shift aesthetic practitioners have made to accommodate the aesthetic needs of their patients while ensuring their well-being. We salute everyone implementing new solutions to keep us as safe as we are beautiful.

Get Treated Like a Star: Virtual Consultations

The admonition to ‘keep your distance’ has prompted more and more practices to embrace virtual consultations. While this may seem like a new concept to you and your doctor, celebrities and A-listers have been availing themselves of distanced consultations for decades.

Consultations are two-way video appointments that make it easy and safe to speak with your doctor from home. You can articulate your concerns, as well as share photos or of a problem, without exposing yourself to other patients in a waiting room. In addition to consults, telemedicine is being used to help practitioners:

  • Treat acne and rosacea
  • Check in with patients who need prescription refills

Grab & Go Is Great for Everyone

Team Costhetics misses its favourite dermatologists, aestheticians, and other beauty product sources. We miss getting their advice and insights and learning about what’s new in the marketplace, so until we can get back to in-person visits, we’re grateful for contactless pickup.

It’s a winning strategy for big and small businesses. Large retailers consider it an extension of their existing buy online/pickup in store offerings. Small practices use it to stay afloat until they can reopen and keep their customers supplied with their beauty essentials in person.

Necessary Testing Procedures

We have reached a stage in the pandemic when elective surgery has once again become an option. If you have a procedure scheduled, the office or hospital where you are being treated will have testing protocols in place to protect you, as well as your surgical team and others. This may include:

  • Preliminary phone call – You will be contacted and asked a few questions to rule out the possibility that you‘ve been exposed to the virus.
  • Pre-surgery COVID test – You may be asked to take a COVID swab test 72 hours before surgery, or you may be asked to take an antibody test.
  • COVID test waiting period – While waiting for the results of your test, avoid contact with anyone other than your immediate family and tell your medical team if you have come into contact with someone who tested positive for the virus.

Your surgery is not ‘on’ until your test results come back negative. Even then, if you have an elevated temperature on the day of your appointment, you will be asked to res-schedule. (Don’t pout; it’s for your own good and pouting causes wrinkles.)

You Can’t Always Get What You Want, But…

“Whether you’re considering your first cosmetic surgery treatment, or you’re simply ready to go back for another procedure, patients should look for plastic surgeons that adhere to the very highest standards of health and safety for their patients, their staff and themselves,” says the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in its blog post Plastic Surgery Safety Precautions in the Coronavirus Era.

As practitioners strive to meet and surpass new safety guidelines, they have needed to make adjustments (temporary, we hope) in their offerings. Some are performing fewer procedures. Others have put a temporary hold on certain surgeries. While you may be anxious to move forward with your enhancement goals, Costhetics asks you to hold this thought, “It’s better to do it right than right now.” Talk to your provider about more readily available treatments to help you carry on until things normalise.

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