Put the kids to bed. This article is for the grown-ups…

Has someone you know ever waxed poetic about a partner with a ‘perfect’ penis? When they gave you the intimate details, were you surprised that their definition of perfect didn’t match up with yours? What! Don’t you talk about penises???

At Costhetics, we often talk about penises, as part of our research into trending news about male aesthetic enhancement… and sometimes as part of our love lives. We’ve learned quite a bit through the years and we’d like to share our wealth of knowledge with you.

6 Penis Shapes to Have and to Hold

When it comes to the big, wide wonderful world of penises, when we use the word ‘normal,’ what we really mean is ‘typical.’ In a roomful of gents, you will find most of them have one of these six average shapes, each with its own ‘magical power’ in the bedroom:

  • Downward-facing dog – Think of the upwards banana, but in reverse, with the curve most noticeable when the penis is erect. A penis of this shape may have got its name from yoga, or from the fact that it is a wonderful asset when enjoying ‘doggie style’ intercourse.
  • High C – A c-shaped penis curves to the right noticeably even when flaccid. It is highly valued among couples who enjoy a variety of sexual positions.
  • C. Hammer – Large at the head with a long, thin shaft, this penis is perfect for stimulating vaginal walls in a simple missionary position.
  • Straight – The name says it all when it comes to a straight penis. It keeps the same shape from head to shaft when erect or flaccid. A straight penis is celebrated for its usefulness in a variety of positions.
  • Torpedo – This cone-shaped penis narrows from base to head. The gradual increase of girth is a double asset, allowing more gentle penetration, followed by deeper stimulation.
  • Top Banana – When erect, the upwards banana curves north. Wish yours were straight? Consider this: The upwards curve is an asset for stimulating the g-spot. Who knew?

Is Your Penis Perfect Just the Way It Is?

Yes. Your penis is not simply normal, it’s perfect… perfect for you, that is. If your partner has made you self-conscious about your penis, you may want to re-think that partner. On the flip side, perhaps you, yourself, would like to see something different the next time you take things in hand. If you’re making changes for yourself, that’s a different story.

Before you begin your quest for a bigger, better penis, you need to accept the hard truth that at this time, there is “no guaranteed safe or effective way to enlarge your penis” (Source: Mayo Clinic). Don’t get taken in by false claims. Costhetics urges you to save your money and stay away from:

  • Pills
  • Lotions
  • Vacuum pumps (the temporary enlargement they cause can lead to erectile dysfunction, making a bad situation worse!)
  • Enlargement surgery (this is not a cosmetic procedure, but rather intended for men who do not have normal function due to injury or birth defect)

Making the Most of Your Gift

So, what’s a man to do? Costhetics (and the Mayo Clinic) recommend that you:

  • Say NO to that Fosters – A beer gut is notorious for diminishing the size of what lies beneath. Cutting out extra carbs in beer, white bread, etc. can help you slim down.
  • Say YES to Exercise – Exercising your body can help you improve your stamina and strength between the sheets. With those two things going for you, size and shape really don’t matter.
  • Say YES to Self-Love – Staying in close touch with your penis will help you be aware of any changes that may warrant a visit to your doctor.
  • Say YES to Loving Yourself – Mentally serenade yourself (and your penis) with the Billy Joel classic “I Love You Just the Way You Are.”

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