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We also keep our eyes peeled for the next wacky thing that’s on the horizon…and this month we found some doozies! From facial hair transplants to tongues split down the middle, these are some of the zaniest modifications we’ve seen!

Hipster Beards: Yours…for a Price

Hipster beards have never been more popular. Also hot, hot, hot is designer stubble. If men have to shave every day (and complain loudly about it), why in the world would they want a facial hair transplant? Blame the millennials and celebrity idols like Brad Pitt, Jason Statham, and Ryan Gosling who received Men’s Fitness Magazine’s Best Celebrity Facial Hair accolade. Today, the number of men opting for transplants is up six-fold since 2012.

For Better Eye Batting

Doctors have discovered that transplanted hair can grow just about anywhere, not just on the scalp and chin. For bedroom eyes without mascara, eyelash hair transplants are an option. What makes this procedure especially zany is the fact that the eyelash hair keeps growing and growing, just like hair on your head, meaning that it must be trimmed and curled. Transplanting curly head hair can lead to oddly kinky lashes and ingrown hair problems.

Mind the Gap…The Thigh Gap

Have you ever looked between the legs of Victoria’s Secret supermodels? There’s nothing there! By that we mean their thighs don’t touch. How’d they do that? In many instances, liposuction is used to remove excess fat and help the skin to contract. This frees women from thighs that rub and gives them the highly sought after “thigh gap.” The surgeon makes small incisions and then inserts a cannula to break up and remove the fat through a pump or syringe. Doctors warn that liposuction can create unwanted fullness and distortion of the shape of the inner thigh. An emerging, less invasive treating is CoolSculpting. An aesthetic physician kills fat cells with a cooling device and the body metabolises the cells and removes them.

Go Gaga Over a Poker Face

Lady Gaga sings about “poker face,” but some gamblers actually have them…permanently. To avoid making a facial expression, card players are swarming to their doctors for “Pokertox” injections. The goal is to remain stoic and stony-faced during a competition. Doctors review what sort of “tells” gamblers are worried about and recommend a specific treatment. For example, a player that raises his eyebrows when he receives a good card, will likely be best aided by forehead anti-wrinkle injections. A player who can’t help smiling, may want injections in their marionette lines.

Elf Ears: Live Long and Prosper

In cosmetic enhancement there’s something for everyone, including a surgical procedure for people who are crazy about Cosplay, can’t get enough of Santa’s helpers, or want to look like Star Trek’s Mr. Spock. “Elfing,” a surgical procedure that gives patients pointy ears, is extremely popular with young adults. Unfortunately, once it’s done, it’s done. The surgery is irreversible, and sculpting the ear can lead to a major deformity or infection.

Watch for more instalments of Costhetics’ “Eye on the Kooky.” Our team is preparing stories on fake dimples, turning “inny” belly buttons into outies, and growing noses on foreheads. (We didn’t make this up. Really.)

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